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I am a 18 year old male college student and I am still a virgin. I am strongly considering waiting until marriage or at least until I am in a serious relationship to have sex. I have had many opportunities to have a ONS but have not taken advantage of them. What do you think about waiting to have sex until marriage. Is it different for men than for women. Should I wait, or just buy a pack of condoms and go to a party and have a drunken ONS? If I were to buy condoms what would be the best fit for someone that is 6.7 in long and 6.3 in girth?

Traditional morals would say wait.

However much can be said for having a clue about sex before the wedding night. Especially true if your bride is not a virgin. I think in general women are more forgiving of men who have had previous sexual partners than men are of thier women. This seems to be a double standard that a lot of women themselves seem to be ok with. I guess the previous women don’t bother the wives as much as would previous male partners of the bride, I guess thier egos are more sturdy than ours.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Thanks but what about the last part of my question. What condoms do I buy for 6.7 length ang 6.3 girth.

Re: celibacy

Originally posted by holl2007
Thanks but what about the last part of my question. What condoms do I buy for 6.7 length ang 6.3 girth.

Well, Im going to guess that you are not working on girth,lol. That thing sounds like the dimensions of a can of Coke! And I thought that I was proportionally chuby at 7.5X6.25”s

If you are a member a religion that requires you to remane chaste (technically, celibit refers to those that have taken religious vows of no sex. Sorry, overeducation rears its ugly head yet again.) then by all means do. If you have strong moral views on this same thing. Will give you some sizes. You are looking at trojan XL and its ilk.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Relax my friend,

Love finds you when your not looking for it. It seems to always work for my bitter self. Just learn to flirt alot. Most certainly you will eventually find a “keeper” amongst them for a nice relationship. If you are going to college, you are in girl heaven. Your almost bound to find someone. So just make sure you got the nerve to speak to the ladies and bamn the biochemical magic of attration will snare you sometime.

PS I go to a University where a large number in my major are female. Awesome. I also attend a community college finishing up my psych degree where it is 68% female. I love my EDUCATION!

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

thanks everyone for your advice.I was going to buy those but I thought that I was not long enough.

If you have no religious prohibitions against pre-marital sex, it seems to me a richer sort of “honeymoon” experience for both partners to have had sex prior to marriage. They are then able to bring sexual abilities/techniques to the relationship that they’d otherwise (as virgins) have to figure out over time, or maybe not even figure out at all in the long run.

You’re too thick for anything but Magnum XLs. Don’t worry about the length. You’ll be growing into them anyway through your PE. :-) With condoms, it’s girth that has to be addressed, I think.





What?, holl.

You want us to say something positive about celebacy now?

It’s a struggle, but I can come up with a plus or two for celebacy. All “IMO.”

Anyone who hasn’t the maturity yet to have a fair (I’ll even accept “misty”) concept of who he/she is, where he/she wants to go in life, has no business taking on an active sex life.

Deciding not-just-yet to do what everybody around you seems to be doing just because there may be a lot of social pressure to do what they seem to be doing, and there is a lot of exaggeration out there, is a very good reason to remain celebate.

There are some religious persuasions that require deep consideration and/or conditions before one goes from celebate to not.

I can’t think of any more, but maybe others can.



Hey holl2007!

It´s sounds to me like you would be better off waiting for a steady realtionship, I think most of us are. Others don´t care.

I kind of wish I had waited, would have been nicer and more “special”, something I would rather have shared with a more special girl than how it turned out. Didn´t know that at the time though and she felt special right then.

Waiting until marriage isn´t someting I would do, wouldn´t want to wait that long to let the pig out of the bag, so to speak. Could turn out you´re not really sexually compatible, and then you´re stuck there. But then if you do everything except actual penetration you´ll probably know anyway. But that could possible preassure you to enter marriage sooner than you should.

I have great respect for anyone who feels it´s worth waiting for, but don´t beat yourself up if it doesn´t turn out like you want, no need to feel guilt or anything like that. Stay true to yourself as much as you can, everyone make misstakes, world keeps spinning anyway.

Condoms I don´t know about, get some free samples at some clinic and try them out yourself. Could probably do that at the student health office, if you have one.

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I think if you’re with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with or if you think that person maybe the “one” then it is worth waiting for. Maybe not waiting till you’re married but at least until you’re sure, and avocet makes a really good point of knowing where you want to be/go in life.

I’d wait.

But it sounds like you are trying to talk yourself out of it, with the mention of condoms and all.

You have to decide on your own based on your view of what is right and what is wrong.

You are struggling with a moral dilemma, and such decisions are difficult for young people. Talk to someone older and wiser. Someone you look up to. Perhaps a Clergyman.

I hope you make the decision that is right for you and in the end, have no regrets.

Good luck.

be back soon

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Hi guy,

As one who waited for marriage and whose wife also did, I recommend you to wait. It is most special.

Hope this helps.

Be in touch privately if you so wish.


thanks ant, but the hardest time for me is coming up, the spring. I might be jerking off 2 or 3 times a day.

Why wait? If you need to jerk off 2 to 3 times a day, you obviously need sex. This is the 21st century, not the 18th century!


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