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Caverjet and other injectables?


Caverjet and other injectables?

I’m 49 and starting to have ED problems. I don’t smoke, drink, no health problems. No caffeine or alcohol consumption. I work out in the gym every day and I’m very fit. But my dick doesn’t want to get hard any more. My interest is there but the dick doesn’t want to follow.

I went to the urologist and he had no answers. My testosterone level is fine. I tried Viagra and it worked very well the first few times but the more I use it, the less it does for me. Sometimes it does nothing now.

The uro mentioned the injectable options and I was wondering if anyone has gone that route. What to use, what to expect and so forth. Can someone give me some advice on this? Thanks

There are two injectible “kits” on the market - Caverject and Edex - each of which administers one drug, prostaglandin1. Edex is by far the most expensive system at a cost of US$20-25 per boner. (Scary, huh?) Caverject is less expensive but still High End.

The least expensive injectibles are called “bimix,” which contains two vasodilator drugs and “trimix” with three. The Rx has to be made by hand in what is called a compounding pharmacy; most large cities have at least one such pharmacy. The cost of this system can be below US$2 per event, still well under the cost of Viagra.

Injectables are highly effective and virtually painless (you do have to get over the psychological hurtle of injecting your cock) using 29 or 31 gauge syringes. Once you understand the dosages you can even determine how long the erection will last and tailor your dosage to the duration that works best for you. Bi and trimix require refrigeration because one of the drugs, prostaglandin1, is unstable at room temp. and breaks down. Refrigerated, the mix can last many months.



I’ve have used Caverject. It has worked very well for me. Your urologist can work with you to achieve the proper dose for you. I use the fine gauge syringes for my injections(29gauge) that diabetics use for insulin. My erection last for about an hour. Unlike Viagra, you start to get a “hand off” erection in about 5 minutes. Even after you have an orgasm you will still have an erection. If you reach you orgasm before you partner you can continue until she reaches hers. I will be glad to answer anymore questions you might have.

Thanks, guys, I’m glad to see this post. My ED started when I was 47 all of a sudden. Stress and depression were the major causes, hiv medications and low testosterone levels the other. My partner decided he wanted to be single again after 10 years together, we sold our house, we moved into separate places, I was seriously sick for 5 months, I returned to work but had to give up after 5 months, I closed my business after 24 years, and I filed for disability at the recommendation of my internist and psychiatrist. Is that enough, LOL?

I have been on testosterone replacement for 10 years already so that was easy to adjust and bring back into normal range. Viagra doesn’t work for me at all.

I did the nocturnal erection test where you wear a monitor strapped to your leg and two bands to your dick for 3 nights. I wasn’t having nocturnal erections. Now I am.

My urologist suggested Levitra next so I just picked up two pills to see if it works any better than Viagra. After that it is on to Muse, Caverject or TriMix. Sadly, my insurance doesn’t cover the injectables and, since I’m just starting a period of disability my income will be extremely limited. The needles don’t bother me at all.

One of the reasons I started PE again, this time seriously, was to attempt to restore health to my penis, increase its size (duh) and get firm erections again. My progress report is here: /forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=23171.

I will post any success I have with my ED, too.

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Yeah. I think that’s enough. Sheesh! That’s a whole lot of adjustment to cope with.

Forget Muse. Commonly it is painful to use following insertion in the urethra and results are very iffy.

Try the Levitra at home first - no partner. This is also good advice to any guys with ED who are just trying any of these drugs.

Figure out the timing, etc. solo, then you can be confident about how to use it with a partner.




You know I was wondering. You say you work out in the gym everyday. Is it possible your whole body is fatigued to the point it is contributing to your ED? I lift weights and was on an every other day schedule, but was finding I was just totally worn out. Then I read that for guys over 50, it is better to go with a 2 day rather than 1 day rest cycle, and that improved my results greatly.

When I started PE, I was also beginning to have ED, but now things have totally reversed and PE has been like the fountain of youth for my cock, with nocturnal and morning erections like I was teenager again.

What is your PE routine? Does it include Kegels? (very important for us older guys) Do you jelq or do something else? I am just a little surprised that PE hasn’t reversed your ED.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Well, I called the urologist and he got me in right away. He offered a sample shot of trimix but I think he screwed up. He used a 5/8” needle and I think the dam thing went all the way through the cavernous whatever-you-call-it. No effect with .03 cc. I felt a sensation around the urethra when he gave the shot but thought nothing of it until afterwards. He asked me to come back later this week for another try.

They sell it there for $260 per 5cc bottle. Is that an ok price?

I’m sure my work out is contributing some but I’ve been pretty limp. I shouldn’t be this bad.

Lately my PE would out has been hanual stretching at work for 2-3 20 minute sessions and hanging for 20 minutes with 12.5 pounds when I get home. It changes though. Sometimes I try to jelg at work instead. I don’t do Kegels but I pucker pretty good when I squat. Just joking of course.

Thanks all

Originally posted by springer
Well, I called the urologist and he got me in right away. He offered a sample shot of trimix but I think he screwed up. He used a 5/8” needle and I think the dam thing went all the way through the cavernous whatever-you-call-it. No effect with .03 cc. I felt a sensation around the urethra when he gave the shot but thought nothing of it until afterwards. He asked me to come back later this week for another try.

They sell it there for $260 per 5cc bottle. Is that an ok price?

I pay US$77 for a 5 cc vial, including syringes. Check around. Also, if you are buying through a hospital, clinic, or HMO, they are taking a cut. Call compounding pharmacies direct. Many will ship, refrigerated, with overnight service if they have the Rx in hand. Add another $25 for overnight. If you pick up your Rx, take an iced cooler with you.

.03 cc on most formulas is a very tiny amount. .05 cc on a test run at my uro’s gave me only an embarassing semi-hard-on when I left the clinic. I had other errands to do and the inflation lasted another 45 min., but I didn’t get arrested. Dress appropriately when you do your own test run next time. I didn’t because they didn’t tell me what was going to happen. They should tell you what to possibly expect.

3/8ths inch syringe is fine. You just didn’t get enough dosage. He’ll bump that up next time.



I had to use growth hormone once for medical reasons and the fine-gauge sharp didn’t hurt. I had to inject myself near the navel for 10 days.

Avocet: Thanks for the advice. I always test at home first. Since masturbation & mutual masturbation are among my favorites the test is very accurate. My urologist will allow me to skip a step and go right to injectables and my internist would prescribe them. I already have an impotence and ED diagnosis. Too bad the insurance will only cover Viagra.

Springer: I agree with Avocet. the 5/8 needle was too long and the dose too low.

Though I would never wish hiv/aids on anyone, and 24 years of it has been a real drag, we have learned to be really, really aggressive with our medical care. We don’t have time to put up any nonsense. We read, share information (like PE’ers do on this Forum), and advocate for each other. Don’t ever stay dissatisfied with your medical care.

As for ED, the sooner it is addressed the better off we are. I’m still working hard on finding the best treatment. if i had waited it would have taken forever.

I appreciate all the help here I can get, too, and I’m glad to offer as much as I know.

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Well, I made another trip to the uro today during my lunch brake. This time he bumped it to .04 cc’s. I was hard as a rock in less than 5 minutes. As soon as he saw it he said .04 cc’s is too much. My dick was starting to ache before I even left the office and he told me to come back if it wasn’t down in three hours.

Realizing I had an emergency on my hands, I called my wife and told her to drop what she was doing and meet me at the house. I drove home squeezing my dick because it made the ache go away a little.

Got home and I would have to say it was the most amazing wood I have ever had. I could have read a magazine while plowing her and it wouldn’t have dropped from 100%. Bullet proof wood. I just recently have been able to make her cum from penetration and I made her cum twice and I was still going :)

When I got off it dropped to about 70% but by the time I got back to work I was 100% again. I wasn’t even horny and I had 100% erection. Weird stuff. After 4 hours passed I called the doctor to tell him we had a problem but he said to give it another hour. Within about an hour it was down to about 50%. Still enough to be embarrassing at work :)

I was surprised that my dick ached all the up until the time it was completely deflated. I’m wondering if that is going to be common at lower doses.

So, I need to get the script filed so I can start poking myself.

I goofed. That was .3 and .4 cc’s in the previous posts.

Great test result. Did you wear a raincoat when you left the clinic? :-)

If you tinker with the dosage, don’t play any farther upward than 0.01 cc at a time. Just that small amount can extend the duration of the erection significantly.



Man, it was imbarrasing. It was too hard to hide by putting my hand in my pocket. I was at work and found that if kept it pointing straight up, it wasn’t too noticable. I wear Docker’s type pants and boxers. I was walking down the hallway and a fellow coworker approached to talk. As I stopped, the dam thing slipped to the side and was poking out straight. He looked down before I could cover it and then looked back at me and kept a straight face. I thought I was going to die.

Thanks for the advice on the increments.

When I went to the uro for the test run I was sure I would be kept there until things subsided some, but no. I had worn a pair of plain front khaki shorts and a T-shirt that wasn’t long enough to cover my crotch and not 5 minutes after the shot they sent me packing, off to the pharmacy downstairs (this in a largish hospital) where I had to stand for 10 minutes waiting, not straight-up hard, but sideways and firm.

First, one of the other urologists I’d seen upstairs walked through and gave me a knowing and very amused look. Then a woman and her teen-aged son began to stare; she seemed very interested, he just qawked in that rude kid way. Done at the pharmacy, I had to go Costco for some stuff but by the time I got there things had settled down to manageable.

They (uro departments) really ought to give us a little more foreknowledge of what is likely to happen. When I go back in May for the follow-up - they check you for nodules and plaque - I think I’ll wear rapper clothes.



This happened to me last Monday.

I went to my urologist at 3 pm so that he could inject my dick with the first dose of TriMix. Viagra and Levitra weren’t working, so injectibles were the next step. So far so good. I got a nice hard-on which stayed with me on the drive home. He had given me what he said was a low starting dose.
One danger of injectibles is priapism. Guess what. It happened to me. At three hours with a hard-on I called the uro. He said take two sudafed and go to emergency. I did that. When I got there they gave me a shot in the arm of a vasodilator. It didn’t work. I was wheeled into another room and hooked up to a heart monitor. They gave me IV fluid. My urologist injected my dick with something to bring down the erection. It didn’t work. He repeated this every ten minutes. Then he said, if the erection stays he would have to lance my dick and insert a shunt to drain the corpora cavernosa, suturing the shunt holes afterwards.
Well, I lost it and went all panicky, thinking about all the stress and pain I had been through during the past two years, thinking about the hospital bill, thinking about stitches in my dick. I was bawling my eyes out. I said life wasn’t worth living. It was too much for the uro, who said he couldn’t see me as a patient anymore and that I had lost a friend. That didn’t help. He kept injecting my dick, finally with Lidocaine in preparation for the lance and shunt. Just before he was about to slice my dick open it finally went down. He left.
The hospital person wanted to bring in the psych team because they thought I was going to hurt myself. I told them no, I was just venting pain and panic. They called my psychologist, it was midnight now, and had him talk to me. He thought I was fine and told them so they released me.
What a pain. My dick has been bruised all week. I haven’t even wanted to try to get a hardon. Obviously, I’m not doing PE right now.
All this pain just to have a normal sex life!

Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5


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