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Caverject Question

Caverject Question

I just purchased Caverject 40mcg and I bought three, which would total 120mcg. I plan on starting chemical PE as soon as it arrives, using caverject for prolonged erections.

My question is, once the powder is mixed with the BA water and I inject my 2-4mcg, how do I keep the rest of the batch from going bad. I read that it only last 6 hours at room temperature and it also says not to freeze or refrigerate. Is this true. Did I waste money buying the 40mcg as it will not last? Is there a way to make it last longer? Any advice how to make it last. I was hoping at 3 injections a week at say 3mcg, 9 mcg a week, so I need it to last at least a month. Is that possible? Thanks for your responses.

Instead of using BW you could used ethanol. Recon with .8mL of ethanol. It should last vastly longer and if you choose to you could store it at freezing temps(0 degrees celsius) for added stability without the worry of the the ethanol freezing.

At a 40mcg/.8mL mix, when dosing each tick(assuming 100 tick mark insulin needle) would equal .5mcg of caverject. After you have your dosing measured out dilute a good deal of it with BW.

Unfortunately, although ethanol is not dangerous for injections, I have heard a considerable amount of stinging could result from using it.

Alternately, you could use bacteriostatic NaCl. Studies have shown NaCl used as a diluent provides better stability then BW. However, the NaCl mix used a stock solution containing ethanol. Whether or not recon from a pure lyophilized form with NaCl will affect stability has yet to be determined. Again, the same measurements/values could be used as described with the ethanol.

Another option is the mixture of both. 40mcg caverject/.4mL ethanol/.4mL NaCl. The reason for the mix is to reduce chances of stinging/pain from the ethanol.

With the above values, a dose of 3mcg would come out to 6 tick marks. I would dilute the dosage further with BW to help further reduce stinging.

Whatever route you take, let us know how it goes!

Thanks Stromy. How long do you think the solution will last if I use ethanol instead of BA? Also does anyone know a good source to buy pure ethanol or could I use everclear, I can feel the burn already.

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You would want to do some investigating online to find a pure(as close as you can get) lab grade ethanol. It shouldn’t take too much searching.

If you were to use ethanol and store at refrigerator temps(3-5 degrees celsius) it should last a few months.

The NaCl studies cited 3 months, and that was with an ethanol/NaCl mix.

I need to make a change to my above post.

I believe you would want to do a search for anhydrous ethanol, however I am doing some info research right now to find out what type of ethanol would be best/safest for injection.

I will post once I find out.

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Thanks stormy, I think I will purchase that product to do the mixing. I appreciate your help.

Myself and several others here use the BW that comes with the kit and refrigerate. I have 20mcg kits and after use I immediately place in the refrigerator. My vials last between 2-3 weeks before they are emptied and I’ve never had an issue with loss of potency.

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