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Caverject Pain Question

Caverject Pain Question

For anyone who has been using caverject

Does the pain associated with caverject that some people get, ever go away or is it
"If you get pain on caverject you’ll always get the pain”?

Does it go away after some length of time using caverject that is

Any one have any good ideas to minimize the pain, other then switching to trimix or bimix?

I’ve never used it, but if you can inject close to the base the shaft is less sensitive there. I would think injecting mid or upper shaft would be more painful, but it may need to go there to get into the CC. Do the instructions say where to inject it?

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Actually, it’s not pain from the injection itself, it’s pain from the drug itself I’m referring to

It’s the active ingredient in Caverject - alprostadil - which causes the pain. Some guys don’t experience pain, a lot do.

Consider shifting to what is called “Trimix,” a combination of alprostadil and two other erectile meds. The other two mediate the pain issue very well. T-mix is a lot cheaper than Caverject and can be injected with a smaller needle. I’ve never had pain when using Trimix.



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