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Can't stay hard...



Proud of you.. I’m next!

Sounds exactly like my predicament. Don´t wanna steal your thread here, just give my view on a similar problem.

Before PE I had an erection level that was 10/10, every time. Jelqing and moderate pumping always make my erection level drop in the long run. So jelqing is not an erection enhancer for all of us.
I also have a porn/wanking problem. And I use tobacco which is an erection killer in itself (never noticed anything before though). So I need to fix all of this. Now. As I am dating again after 12 years marriage. Just terrible when you get a sexy woman in bed and it does not work. I used to say that I needed anti-Viagra as I was easily aroused and always had raging hardons that could last forever, and I could get it up quickly after coming. Now I need Viagra. Ain’t life a bitch?

I am also so desensitized that I can fuck for hours (when erection is fine, which happens to). Used to be cool to last long but this is getting ridiculous. Just annoying. Forget blowjobs, I need an industrial vacuum cleaner.


Short run: Viagra and Cialis. I am not giving up sex and I date between 1-4 women a week. (Yeah I know. I am a man whore. But I just wanna have some fun again for a while)

Long run: Stop all PE, wanking, porn, nicotine

Lessons learned:

1) Erection quality is much more important than size.
2) Size is not that important for women as it is for men. Normal or above normal and PE is unnecessary. I was going for porn star size as that looks cool.
3) Personal lesson learned. I have a big dick :) I never thought so, but I compare to Mandingo and John Holmes. The women I meet are in consensus, so I just lost all motivation to become bigger.

So one problem solved, another one created…(both are/were in my own head btw)


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