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I didn’t mean it as deadly in any way. Just be careful with it, things can happen:…7042702610.html

Well I must admit you are quite taken by this histamine theory so I will agree to disagree with you on this subject. I’m more of a mainstream medicine kind of guy, but I guess everyone will make up their own mind in the end.

I agree people should keep their eye on what they take. So it is better safe than sorry, as everyone says. I just don’t think a small dose is as problematic as it looks. Of course, if you then start taking supplements to solve the problem, it gets much trickier.

I looked at histamine for more of a psychiatric angle, when doing that I found all the sex related subtopics, which I shared with everyone here. It just presents itself as another possible solution to someone that has the problem. More options to be aware of and what is right for an individual’s situation, particularly here is what my point was.

I have had my fill of doctors as of late and the shitty insurance that I have. I have a constant low body temperature, when I wake up, (as low as 94.15F on three different thermometers) that they can’t solve. So, I tried that route as of late, while being told, I must have broken thermometers, am too stupid to read a thermometer, etc… I even had my parents take my temperature and my sister who works at the hospital and all the doctors say is Impossible! I would have to be dead to be that low.

So, you can guess, where standard medical practice as of late has gotten me. In the end, we all praise what worked for us and condemned that which has failed us.

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