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Can't keep erect for kegals + BJ questions

Can't keep erect for kegals + BJ questions

Okay, two simple queries.

Firstly, whenever I try to do kegal exercises, my erection will last for a few reps but will then subside, and tensing my PC muscle fails to tense my erection. Is it just that my PC muscle is really weak and I need to keep working on it like this?

Also, how do I last longer during blowjobs? Oftentimes when I read answers about lasting longer, it’s in regards to techniques during sex, like slowing down or pulling out from time to time. But obviously with BJs, she’s in control. I’d like to know if there’s any exercises or anything I can do to make myself last longer with the same stimulation.

You don’t need to be erect while kegeling… you can do this during any point in the day.
About lasting longer during BJs my advice would be;

1) Don’t tense/flex your PC muscle (what you squeez to to kegels)
2) Relax - If you are to tense then you will definately blow quicker…

One other thing that might influence your spurt time is if you are cut or not. I know people that are not cut generally blow their load quicker because their cock is more sensative.

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I do about 95% of kegels while not erect, so don’t worry about your erection level.

During BJ’s, she might be in control, but you can still talk. Tell her to take it easy.

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Originally posted by gprent101

During BJ's, she might be in control, but you can still talk. Tell her to take it easy.

Good idea. And if she is a regular sex partner, you can easily work out silent hand or body signals indicating to her that you are getting too close. Same goes for both of you during intercourse; she can have her signals and you yours, or use the same ones.



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