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Cant Hold Back Anymore!?

Cant Hold Back Anymore!?

I recently started having the problem of not lasting long with my wife. I used to go for as long as I wanted. Now I shoot way too early. Has anyone experienced this? Frustrating for her and demoralizing for me…

How can I wear the harness of toil, And sweat at the daily round, While in my soul forever, The drums of Pictdom sound?

-The Drums of Pictdom (Poem)

What happened to 3rd base?

You might win more games getting to home, but making it to third meant you at least got a hit. I bet your fan will still cheer if you do that.

Dont get me wrong. I dont leave her hanging. I’ll still mak eher cum by other means. she just wants more dick…

How can I wear the harness of toil, And sweat at the daily round, While in my soul forever, The drums of Pictdom sound?

-The Drums of Pictdom (Poem)

There are a number of techniques out there to both last longer and drive your woman crazy. I wish I could provide a link but I can’t so Im just going off of memory here but I have tried this one before with mind blowing results….

Put just your head in, pull out and rub your head on her clit. Repeat as many times as wanted. I liked doing it until she begs to be fucked; I also lean back to hit her G spot better. Penetrate another 1/2-1 inches, pull out and repeat. go deeper and deeper every other time until your balls deep.
Then just bump her not causing any real in and out motion. This is really more of grinding your pelvis against her. You will hopefully be hitting her clit while filling her entirely.

My last girl would cum over and over doing this until neither of us couldn’t take it and I had to pound her.

Good luck, I have been there.

Bpel: 7.625

Mseg: 5.125

FSL: 8.125

Thanks Flak. Il give it a try… .

Im perplexed over what changed.

How can I wear the harness of toil, And sweat at the daily round, While in my soul forever, The drums of Pictdom sound?

-The Drums of Pictdom (Poem)

I find the more you try to last the less you do! I change rhythm and angle and that works. Kegels helps and sometimes I imagine in my mind a competition of lasting power and imagine outlasting celebs. Somehow the competitive angle helps sometimes.

I love my wifes booty. And want to stuff it with the biggest pipe I can grow!

Goal: 8x6

I focus on deep controlled breathing.

Might be unromantic, but here what I do when I want to fuck “aerobically”:

1) use a numbing lube. It doesn’t numb completely or for very long, but it helps keep things at a steady pace for the first 20 minutes or so.

2) stop and change, stop and change. If you’re into oral on her, pull your dick out and eat that pussy! Give that dick back until you’re getting there, then pull back out and eat that pussy some more. Full her up, eat her out, fill her up, eat her out. I don’t know a woman on Earth who wouldn’t cum several times.

3) If you just want to pound that pussy with your cock, wear a condom. I basically can’t cum with a condom on. So, you leave it on until she’s tired and WANTS you to finish. Then you whip that sloppy wet rubber off and dive in, man!

4) My favorite thing is to fuck until I’m close, then just hold it deep inside and work on those nipples until I calm down. Then do again and again.

I love my cock. I just want it to be the best cock it can be!

BPL: 7.5, EG: 5.25 (head) and 5 (shaft), FL: 5, FG: 3.5

I have 2.5 inch balls, and despite that I am on testosterone therapy for having a less than minimal score on the T-test. With therapy (which is an underarm gel) I'm right in the middle of normal. This was all discovered due to sudden depression symptoms.

On some days my penis is more sensitive than on other days.

On those particular days I will shift positions more often, move to a position in which it is harder for me to cum, or pull out just before I have to cum and start fingering/playing with her clit.

Simple and effective.

I agree with the idea of using a rubber. I can’t cum worth a damn with those things. Also, this might be obvious, but are you having a “maintenance tug” an hour or so before show time?

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