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Cant Get Off


Cant Get Off

I have a major problem. I can not get off during sex. I have reduced the number of times i masturbate dramatically. And still nothing girlfriend say she doesn’t like having sex with me because I don’t get off. Please help me.

dude i have the same problem and i dont understand it. its never happened. i always thought it was b/c i got circumcised at 17 and i lost sensitivity. i hope someone helps both of us out w/ this one.

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Nick, are you on any antidepressants?

It’s called retarded ejaculation. Few men have it, girls generally like it since you can go on forever, but men are left not satisfied.
First thing, don’t use condoms if possible. No masturbation. No porn.
Oftentimes if you have sex with the same person on a regular basis for, say, 2 weeks, you will start getting off normally.

It may be a physiologic problem, well I cannot advise you here.

p.s. you do like girls?

The regular partner thing is true(for me anyways). With all my partners I’ve always been able to go hours(5.5 hours was my longest before I just got completely frustrated and told her it wasn’t working for me…they take it much better than I would).

My current girlfriend, and only longtime partner, and I were the same. We had sex every week or two and it would always be marathon sessions. But when we started having sex more frequently our sessions were greatly reduced(not quick, but a comfortable time).

I’m actually glad it happened this way, I know exactly what I like with my partner, and she knows what she likes. I know what will get me off, and in turn, what to avoid doing. Might be more help than a curse.

I empathise. I have the same problem. I thought it was my impotence or too much masturbation. I’m not sure what it is, but I really have to concentrate to “finish” and it’s still a chore. Condoms greatly further reduce sensititvity for me, so that kind of puts a damper on casual sex.

Perhaps it’s a trust thing. Or maybe not.


I find that flexing the BC helps bring me towards orgasm. Do some kegels and then use this during sex.. When I want to come I just clamp down and I get there that much faster.

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5.5 hours :O you are a sexgod!

Originally Posted by Balrog
5.5 hours :O you are a sexgod!

I hurt the next day so much. Bruises on my thighs…my abs, shoulders, and legs were all sore. Pain…much pain.

Well last weekend me and my girl got a hotel room to make it extra special I made Monday night the last night i jerk off. Well we had sex and still nothing. By this morning when I got home form her house I just had to jerk off. It squirted all over the place. Not to mention for not jerking it off for that many days my unit became more firming and fuller then befor any one have this done.

Well I have for the last 2.5 been jerking off only once a week. I have now gotten off 2 times during sex with my girl. Problem is I don’t get off every time we have sex. And I sure she thinks it’s her fault any input on this?

I swear, and this isn’t meant to be an ass, but maybe… you’re not actually phsyically attracted to her? Maybe you are sort of on the other side of the track, if ya know what I mean.

Are you referring to be being gay. Thats just plain nasty.

I think you have to try don’t have sex or masturbation for 1 or 2 week .

this may be solve your problem .

and don’t overdo masturbation and Jelq..


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