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Cant Get Off

Originally Posted by nick84
Well I have for the last 2.5 been jerking off only once a week. I have now gotten off 2 times during sex with my girl. Problem is I don’t get off every time we have sex. And I sure she thinks it’s her fault any input on this?

How old are you? Are you circumcised?

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I am 20 years old and yes I am.

If you can masturbate to orgasm in a normal amount of time, then it sounds like a psychological problem. Perhaps counselling with a certified sex therapist would help. Good luck!


How about not. I just going to keep doing what I have been doing and hopefully when my girl and I move in I can get off every time. I m taking it that my body is used to my hand. So less hand and more slit will get be done. I think anyway.

Try this

Originally Posted by nick84
I have a major problem. I can not get off during sex. I have reduced the number of times i masturbate dramatically. And still nothing girlfriend say she doesn’t like having sex with me because I don’t get off. Please help me.

I would suggest that you either get the doc to give you a perscription for Calis or Viagra, both of which will work. Also try rubbing Emu oil on the old man before you go to bed. But watch out, you should be able to cut glass.

Be careful with Viagra, though. It has built up a major reputation for delaying ejaculation, sometimes to the point anorgasmia (you can’t get off at all.) Lower dosages work better in this respect than higher ones.



what the hell is emu oil and what would it do to my dick??

nick84, you have to relax man. I had the same problem before, but I’m gradually solving it. All I did was relax, and let the situation flow. You may be trying too hard to do get off and please your girl that you’re forgetting to enjoy it. But if not, try Cialis/Viagra. And let me know how that goes.

I have no problem getting it up bro. I have a problem with getting off. I can keep it up for hours if needed.

1. Relax.

2. Avoid the drugs that have been suggested. You don’t need them.

3. Have you had this problem with other partners?

Well I’ve only been with 2 people and yea I didn’t get off once with the other. That was just a fling for a couple nights having sex 4 times in one night I figure Id get off. But my girlfriend and I are working on this getting off this getting off with her is becoming more and more easy.

Maybe you’re not physically attracted to your girl anymore. I’m not saying you’re gay, just that maybe she doesn’t do it for you anymore.

Maybe you just have a low sex drive in general though. I’ve heard of some guys just not having a lot of sexual vigor. Even young guys can experience this.

I would at least get an opinion on it from a trained medical professional though, regardless of the advice you get here. You need to do as much as you can to figure out why you can’t O.

Btw, some final suggestions: Don’t wack off, don’t watch porn, and try other things with your girl other than vanilla sex. Ever tried anal? That’s sure to make you cum. Boredom is what kills sex drive, so keep it interesting and try new things. =)

I talked to her tonight about anal and she said no way in hell. Low sex drive when I am hard almost all the time?

Is there another girl you like a lot but you can’t really have?

Nope I don’t even think of other girl right now I love this one .


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