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Can't ejaculate

Can't ejaculate

Hey guys. Something happened and I can’t ejaculate any more…at all. I’m also finding it very difficult to feel sexual pleasure, it’s like I’m rubbing my arm or something when I jerk off.

Does anyone have any idea what kind of doctor should I see…or what should I do? Here’s a list of potential docs: urologist, psychiatrist, neurologist.

Is there something that you did or something that happened to you prior to this strange condition occurred?

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You could have a blocked ejaculatory duct. See a urologist.



Did it just happen or was it the result of something you did?

I agree with Avocet. You should see a doctor or urologist right away.

Originally Posted by quickbeam1213
Did it just happen or was it the result of something you did?

Can you tells us the full story instead of just the problem?

Even a magic doctor should not able to help without knowing the background

I just woke up one morning with this problem.

Is it getting better or worse?

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Taking any drugs for neurological reasons? Bodybuilding supplements? Work with us you don’t seem to really care if you fix your problem.

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