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can someone identify what this might be?

can someone identify what this might be?

What could the triangle like shape on my penis mean? I got it several months ago… After having with my girl, I felt a slight pain. Took it out and looked at my penis and there seem to be a cut. There was a long strand of hair present too, so I figured the hair might have made that cut. It wasn’t bleeding. It looked like when something scrapped your skin lightly and the skin is still hanging but not bleeding.

When it healed, it looked like that. Sorta freaked me out. It used to itch during the process of healing, but doesn’t itch anymore. I don’t feel any unusual symptoms at all when not having sex or when having sex..


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I’m going to go with “healed lesion” and leave it at that. Can’t tell what might have caused it. I suppose a hair could have done it if secured at both ends during thrusting. As long as it’s healed, not bleeding and doesn’t hurt then it doesn’t seem like there’s much else to do about it.

Why not visit the doctor to get an opinion? You never know what the damn thing is.

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I have got a scar kind of thing that I have had for I do not know how long. It seems to dry up sometimes. I think it was from an intense jack off session like 8 years ago where I tore the skin a little bit. I don’t think the penis heals scars properly.

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If it’s not an STD I would worry about it. I had that same problem myself sometimes the fluids in a females vagina if not immediately washed off after sex can cause small skin irritations.

What I did to solve my problem even if I didn’t want to shower immediately after sex was just go into the bathroom and was off the penis itself with soap. Quick and easy.


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