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Can smoking marijuana give you ED?

Two hippies were walking down the street, stoned out of their minds. A fire engine went whizzing by, sirens blaring, at lightening speed. A few minutes go buy, and one of the hippies turns to the other and asks, “Man, did you hear that thing go by?” The second hippie answers, “Yea, and I thought it would never leave.”

A long, long time ago, three men rode up to a walled city on camels in the middle of the night. The city gates were closed and locked; the three men could just peek into the city through the keyhole in the gates, but they could not get inside. One of the men was drunk from alcohol. He dismounted his camel and screamed, “Let’s just bash the gates in; let’s just bash ‘em in and break ‘em down and then we’ll be inside.” The second man was high on opium. He said, “Let’s just lay down here beside the gates and go to sleep and deal with it in the morning.” The third man was stoned on pot. He got off his camel, walked over to the gates, gazed through the keyhole, and said, “You know, I bet you that we could just crawl right through here, and then we’d be inside.”

Okay, those are the only pot jokes I know about. Does anyone know any others?

After my sons grow and leave the nest and I can start growing again

That is the reason I quit also. My closet garden was fine until my son started asking “why don’t the tomato plants ever grow tomatos?”

I think he was 3 or 4 at the time. That was it.

Originally Posted by motivated
Okay, those are the only pot jokes I know about. Does anyone know any others?

It’s not a joke, but this is making me remember an old blue light poster that was in my friend Karl’s basement bong room. It said:

Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope.

Back then, dope usually just referred to pot. These days I think it has a broader definition.

To me weed is a stress reliever,so I would say that it can only help you-the horniest and best sex to me is on weed.

God, we are old

I had an Indi-sative strain that I’d started from a four-generation cutting. After that I cloned it over four generations myself. Resulted in a basement full of 18” tall single stalk buds flowering under 2000 watts of HPS. One day after spending the day in the garden I had to drive the Mrs. somewhere. In the car she kept asking if I’d run over a skunk.

Funny, I just had to put on “Dark Side of The Moon” to finish reading this thread. Maybe I’ll just break my Hydro equipment out of storage and grow some tomatoes and peppers. I hear jalapenos grow really well under a 1000 watt Metal Halide

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No Nukes

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Wow, I thought I was at the shroomery or overgrow for a minute there… :-k

I don’t think pot can cause physical ED, but if you already had some anxiety issues it could give you problems if you didn’t have them under control.
Generally pot will mellow you out the longer you do it, so even this wouldn’t be long term.

Anyone ever grow peyote? It’s legal here in Canada, UK and a few other places.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Jeebus - lookit all the heads this thread turned out! I never woulda thunk… :)

Which just underscores its prevalence and how benign it is compared to other mind-alterants, legal or otherwise.

Big Girtha, did you ever notice an early harvest vs. late harvest difference with erection quality and performance in bed? Or was it all in my head? Anybody else?

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I have smoked everyday for the last couple years, I kind of think it may caused a decrease in erection quality, I think if you smoked everyday for like 10 or 15 years it could cause it, but if you only smoke a couple times a month or even once or twice a weak, it’s not going to cause any harm

Anyone ever grow peyote?

I thought I heard a good sized button is something like 10-25 years old, but I don’t know much about it. Pretty cool if it is really legal in Canada.

did you ever notice an early harvest vs. late harvest difference with erection quality and performance in bed?

I have noticed a big difference in the overall quality of the high depending on harvest date. Too soon and it is weak, too late and it lacks energy and makes you more tired. Just right and it is euphoric, which is why it is so important to learn how to detect the perfect ripeness. If the glands start to turn brown or break, you have waited too long.
I never noticed the erection effect specifically, but if you hit that euphoric peak ripeness, EVERYTHING is better.

My brother smoked pot most of his life and he just quit because he has two young children now. One of the first things he said to me was he was having MHOs (Morning Hard Ons). He also says he has more of a sex drive.

Originally Posted by mravg
I never noticed the erection effect specifically, but if you hit that euphoric peak ripeness EVERYTHING is better.

Euphoric Peak Ripeness…I like it! :thumbs:

I was looking for a more upbeat location…I need to inject some positivity in my life…I think I found my new one if you don’t mind!!!

Thanks mravg!


You are welcome. That is funny.

I didn’t even recognize my own poetic talents.

Now I’ve got to think of a location for myself!

Yes it can, indirectly. You could get so hemped up that you just don’t care about PE any more. Weed doesn’t do a lot for motivation. :-P

Hahaha yes, paulski82, that is all weed has effected with my dick. I am actually quite glad I found this thread. I am quite knowleadgeable about the Mj but I have never really discussed its effects on my dick; and all this time I thought I was a freak for getting super fucking horny stoned, hahahaha.


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