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Buzzing or tingling in head (glans)

Buzzing or tingling in head (glans)

Hey everyone, haven’t been here in awhile but I need a little help from from the knowledge pool. Here’s the situation. For about 6 weeks I have had a intermittent buzzing sensation deep inside the glans. It primarily occurs after a hot shower or vigorous sexual activity. The only other symptoms possibly related may be some red chaffing on the outside of the head.

Suspicion was a urinary track infection and at worst case and rare probability Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. So I ran a cycle of Ciproflaxacin 500’s for 4 days and 7 days of Doxycycline, 200mg daily together.

Well were still buzzing down there. I’ve exhausted my research and really need a hand on this one.

Thanks in advance for any ideas and happy holidays to all,


I sometimes have this feeling on the left side of my shaft and glans. Nothing major really. I think those are the effects of slight over-PEing.

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Your post rang a bell for me and I was able to scare up an old post by Bib that addressed this “buzzing” sensation (something I myself have experienced very infrequently). Bib’s thinking on the matter touched upon the possibility of a blood vessle plaque obstruction as a cause.
Check out this thread for more thoughts:

Sensitivity and PE

Thanks for the posts guys. While the Bib thread is very interesting, I neglected to add that I have not PE’d in about 3 months and this sensation started about 6 weeks ago. So there has been no trauma to speak of.


I think the interesting thing about the Bib post was his speculation that if indeed this buzzing is caused by a plaque blockage the easiest way to resolve it would be to actively PE in an effort to dislodge it.
Maybe some light jelqing or massaging the affected area while erect would work toward correcting it?

Similar to you, long before I ever knew of PE I experienced a problem where I would get a painful jolt - like an electric shock that ran the length of my unit, deep inside. This would happen for no reason I could tell, whether I was touching my unit or sitting still or whatever.
It became enough of a nuisance that I saw a doctor and he told me not to worry about it. Offered no explanation, but assured me it would pass. And it did.


Has you chick had or does she have a yeast infection? If she does or did pick up some jock itch medicine and rub it on and in the pee hole and shaft of your dick.

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The cipro & doxy should definitely have killed anything bacterial and you’ve already done more than any doctor would have. That cipro is one bad ass antibiotic.

The buzzing thing is funny because I’ve experienced it also in the past. The first time it happened I thought something was wrong with me also and I too started to freak out on myself a bit. But I’m 100% certain that both I and my partner are “clean” in every sense of the word. Interesting indeed that you guys have taken it to possibly being plaque buildup in a artery or blood vessel. Since I’ve experienced it quite a few times, I figured maybe it was some sort of muscle spasm? I’ve also notice that even good ole’ gas in the lower intestines has caused the same sensations. I don’t worry about it too much anymore. Heck even masturbating with dirty hands can cause problems, so wash them first dummies.

My advice: In this case do what the doctors do, use the process of elimination;
Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis are completely rampant in the USA. Particularly throat infections cause by these viruses and bacteria, so even receiving head can be problematic these days. If you haven’t been playing in any questionable sand boxes lately, then don’t worry about it. IF you have (read prostitutes) then maybe you should take a second look your behavior as well. However you’ve already taken enough antibiotics to kill a horse so you should be free and clear … this time. I don’t mean to chastise anyone publicly, but I’ve watched several friends die from Aids and Hepatitis C as a result of foolish behavior. Absolutely no one “deserves” it. So just take what applies and file the rest.

Ruling the above out, it’s source is probably nothing of concern and more than likely can be considered normal.
Hey now that I think about it, when I first started doing kegels was when I noticed the “buzzing” for the first time. Hmmm, maybe something was waking up.

Originally Posted by Tork
Interesting indeed that you guys have taken it to possibly being plaque buildup in a artery or blood vessel.

Not everyone agrees with Bib’s diagnosis.

True, Westla. The sensation may even be referred from elsewhere. Many possible causes. Regardless of the cause, I’d do some light jelqing or pumping to aid circulation. It won’t hurt and might help.

SuperDick, do you ride a bicycle by any chance? Anyone who spends much time on one should invest in a seat that keeps pressure off the ‘taint area.

Thanks for the relplies guys…I dont know if PE has helped the situation, but I’ve been doing a little bit lately and the buzzing is gone…


Originally Posted by SuperDick
Thanks for the relplies guys.I don’t know if PE has helped the situation, but I’ve been doing a little bit lately and the buzzing is gone..


Well there you go, PE does it again. So much for medical science.

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