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Bumps on glans

Bumps on glans

I’ve had a little couple red dots on my glans, and I’ve only been with my gf and I was always protected.


Someone post similar thing on the net, it’s not my picture but it’s almost the same. And it’s not a “Pearly Penile Papules” either. Anyone have an idea ?

I couldn’t post this to the health section, sorry about that.

Well lets say 1 year, I mean it’s not that clear in flaccid state, but with time their size is increased and I gave a 2 month break from PE.

Probably not caused by PE then; I’m not sure what it is. How to they differ for fordyce bumps? More red and clustered? It almost looks like an irritation.

It’s really like small red skin colored bubbles, they are in the exact shape with fordyce spots but red, no itchy feeling or burning. It’s not that noticable in flaccid state, yet it’s obvious in erect state. There not lots of disease including glans so, I was wondering what the hell it is excep std or something. It’s obviously not a wart too.

I was just wondering :/

Have you ever stuck your penis in a man’s anus? Even accidentally?

Always be cool.

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Lol no.

What you have is a “normal” circumcised glans with a mucosal surface the accordians to accomodate the engorgement upon erection. Because the surface of your glans is toughened and thickened from constant abrasion, the folds are more pronounced.

You could make your glans revert to a more sheer and supple mucosal state by wearing your skin over the glans 24/7 to protect it, as shown here:

I didn’t had those dots like a year ago. Anyone ?

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