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Bumps from jelqing/hanging

Bumps from jelqing/hanging

So the story goes like this.

Short of a year ago I noticed a small white bump on the top of the crest of the gland after I first started hanging. First thought “oh no HPV” after looking around here I decided it maybe PPP and decided to watch it carefully. So nothing much changed but later that week or the same day I noticed more bumps. They appeared almost like a straight line (sort of like a scar) right above the foreskin at the start of the neck of the gland. Then I thought “oh no this must be HPV because it sure isn’t PPP” but I decided to watch it carefully.

Nothing much seemed to happen, some days the bumps were hardly noticeable, others they were whiter looking like bumps. When they were not whitish they were skin coloured and were every so slightly raised off the skin.

Fast foreword to now, 20 days ago I started hanging again at 5 lbs for 15 min. After I took the hanger off I noticed another identical white dot next to the other dot on the crest. Then 10 days ago I decided to switch from counting my jelqs to a set time limit. So I did 27 minutes of dry jelqing and after I stopped I noticed the scar like bumps appeared to have started spreading from the left side over the top to the right. The original bumps were larger and looked not very unappealing as they were whitish.

So I booked an appointment with the doc. Went in today and she took a look. Her exact comments were “Well I’m not convinced that you have HPV. Where do you think you have it?” I pointed out the bumps and told here how they were spreading and asked what they are and why they are spreading. She then stated that she had no idea and that they were not anything but that I should continue to keep an eye on them. She said that because they were so small (at the time) and didn’t look like coulee flower that it wasn’t HPV.

It was a good day. Anyone else experience these marks?

Don’t want to alarm you dude, you probably ain’t got HPV, but I got HPV and all the warts I have are super small and they look nothing like cauliflower. Is this doctor you saw a specialist or is she a family doc? If you live in an urban area, I suggest that you go to a clinic that specialises in treating STDs, they’ll know right away.

And HPV is not the end of the world, I had my first outbreak one month ago and it’s almost all cleared already.

She isn’t a specialist, just a general practitioner. However, she seems to mostly have a female client base if that means anything. As well, when I walked in there was a sign about HPV, talking about treatment being available and to ask her about it.

I’ll try and reexplain the appearance then. The two on the crest are almost not noticeable except if I were to hang. When they are noticeable they are very small and are approximately the size of a ball point pen end (the righting side).

As for the scar like ones above the foreskin. They are not really bumps as a separate identity. The raised area is approximately 1 cm long (bit less than 1/2 inch) while only being 1/16th wide. I describe it as bumps or a scar as they are raised. The line isn’t perfect as the width seems to occasionally deviate from the 1/16 of an inch to give shape to the line other than being completely straight. Hope that wasn’t too confusing. She also mentioned that it could just be a gland or something bulging… Now that’s confusing and really doesn’t build confidence to her case.

Well you know, bottom line is she’s the doc and I’m not…just keep your eyes open and watch out for new bumps.

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