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Brown spots on glans

Brown spots on glans

I have several brown spots around glans which I am pretty sure are caused by rigorous rubbing over the years. They are pretty small, circular for the most part, and don’t have any other anomaly other than their darker color. I have seen them on a few other guys in PE pics and adult movies but I have many more than others.

I have had success getting these off and making them less visible with actually sanding them off with fine 2000 grit sand paper (if you are thinking ouch, you are right) and also drying the skin causing it to flake off (most of the time only very little comes off and I am worried I will get some sort of skin cancer from consistently killing the skin cells here). I have also tried over the counter fade creams but they didn’t do jack.

Anyone else have experience with these brown spots and removing them?

I am very self conscious about these, it is more important to me than my size.

Also, how will doing PE jelqs and stretches effect these spots? I can’t say I have noticed anything different yet with my very light routine.

Dear fellow PE brother, I fear that no one here will be able to definitly answer these questions for you. Just like you, we do not know what the brown spots are either. Therefore, before pursuing any further PE efforts, it’d be wise to consult your urologist in order to find out if there’s a condition involved or not.

Also, the sandpaper thing sounds really dangerous and I strongly recommend to stop any such actions immediately.

One possibility, however, would be for you to check this link and see whether you’ve got age spots or not.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Lazy Wally,

Thanks for the concern and link. I am too young for age spots at 24 and believe it is caused by masturbation with no lube just like the guy on the link you gave me said. I am way too embarrassed to go show these to anyone, even a doctor. I will go easy on my self treatments as I have been. I only sand one spot at a time and have done this two or three times. It is more painful than anything else as I remove very little skin. It only hurts when water hits it when the wound is freshly open, but it rates at like a 6 out of 10 of pain which lasts a couple seconds.

The other way I do it with drying the skin off is outlined below. Can you take a look at this and tell me if it looks dangerous too? I am more worried this way will be harmful to me a very serious skin condition:
1. Set up a latex glove ( the white stretchy ones ).
Take a latex glove and tie a knot around the fingers. Also knot the wrist area so it fits tight around the base of your penis.

2. Fill the glove with shampoo/lotion
Fill this glove with a shampoo lotion cocktail of sorts, some work better than others, (some lotions don’t work at all) I found Prell alone dries me up pretty good every time.

3. Apply glove over penis
Let it soak on there for around 3-7 hours. Make sure it is air tight.

After a day or two my skin gets very very smooth and shiny on the glans only. Then it will begin to dry and eventually resemble a beat up catchers mitt. Shortly after that, the top layer (or two?) of skin will begin to dry and flake off. Very fresh and healthy looking skin will be what is left under the dry skin. The whole process takes about 1 to 1.5 weeks. Some cracking and scabbing occur if I get a full erection at the time of extreme dryness, but no scares or other marks are left (same with sanding after a month or so).

As the skin flakes off the brown spots also flake off and on the flake of skin you can see the discoloration. By doing that I have literally seen some of the brown spots to vanish before my eyes as I pull the flake off. Other areas seem to be deeper and I need to do the process more to get to the root brown skin layer.

They could be birth marks or something similar.

If they are in your genetic code than they might return.

They are not genetic. I see them start very light and become darker over time as more rubbing ensues. I am sure it is not a std or genetic type problem, I’m 99% sure they are caused by rubbing. Does anyone even know what I’m talking about?

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