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Brinkmanship: avoiding contractions

Brinkmanship: avoiding contractions

Brinkmanship, otherwise known as edging.

I’ve been practising recently. In fact, I haven’t had a wank in which I bring myself to orgasm as quickly as possible in at least a month.

Every wank I have these days I take my time over, or I don’t wank at all.

One thing I’ve realised is that I learned at a very young age that kegeling hard brings me to orgasm very quickly. Therefore up until very recently contracting my PC and BC muscles was a natural part of wanking, and therefore wanking never really lasted very long.

Since I’ve been practising brinkmanship, or edging, I have found that I can masturbate for a quite a long time, depending on how horny I am, or how much cum I’ve got stored up, and that I am always one good, hard, sustained kegel away from cumming.

This has prompted another realisation that part of the premature ejaculation thing is that, for me anyway, I have devolped my body to associate the pleasurable feelings in the sweet spot, with the PC and BC muscle contractions. So part of the way brinkmanship might work is to dissasociate these phenomenon.

Not sure about this at the moment. What do you think?




That has been my experience for sure, gaining more conscious control of those


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Yes I Agree 100%. Kegeling for me brings on orgrasm quickly.

Learning that has been key to developing some control, to refrain from kegeling during sex. The urge to kegel is strong becuase you know it will temporarily make your dick bigger and harder which will obviously please her even more, but there is a stark trade-off with time. Personally I would rather last longer.

I am going to experiment with reverse kegeling and see if that helps.

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Another thing I’ve learned from Edging is that I can edge (although it’s not really edging because I wasn’t even coming close to orgasm) wank quite furiously for ‘hours’ without stopping and without coming, providing I do not have any visual sexual stimulation or imagine anything erotic. I was just watching regular TV focussing on watching TV and managed to continue quite fast and firm stimulation without orgasm.

This proves to me that stimulation of my dick is not the sole reason for orgasm. The intersting part of that experience is that I had been stimulated constantly for 40-50 mins without orgasm, then I flicked to a channel with some sex scene on and I began to orgasm almost instantly. I stopped stimulation switched back to a non-sexual channel and was able to continue hard and fast stimulation for another 10-20 minutes without orgasm. So for me the excitement creshendo is mostly mental and not physical.

I am going to experiment with closing my eyes during sex to reduce visual excitement and see if that helps to increase the time taken to reach orgasm.

Would be intersted to hear if there are any others out there who have reached similar conclusions and how they applied that knowledge to their love making technique to improve length of time lasted.

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