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Bravo condoms, anyone tried them?

Bravo condoms, anyone tried them?

I searched and found nothing, I’m guessing because they are relatively new.

So basically I hate condoms, and have been on a hunt for really thin condoms that don’t take away too much sensation. I came across Magnum thins over at Meijers, and gave them a shot. They felt a little better, so I went online and I looked up the specifications of the condom. They were .0025” thick, and the regular Magnums were .0027” thick. Not much a difference.

I then discovered the number one seller was Crown condoms, which were .0018” thick, or thin I should say. But the specs seemed a little small, so I kept on searching. That’s when I found the Bravo wickedly thin large condoms. They are also .0018” thin, so I ordered a hundred! But now I feel real dumb because there are no reviews of these condoms, so I am hoping they feel good and don’t break ;-)

Anyway, I am curious to know if anyone has tried these out, and how were they? Does it feel like nothing at all, do they break?

If no one has tried them, I’ll post an update (if I don’t forget) and let you know how they are when they arrive, and get a chance to use them.

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Originally Posted by renesis

I ordered a hundred!

Is that a month supply for you?

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