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Hey BeloAvg,

That is definitely a tough one. I feel badly for both you and your ex-girlfriend. I am sure that she is very sorry for what she did, but unfortunately that does nothing to change it.

The issue of penis size is definitely growing into the mainstream media as well. I was watching a new movie called “Anger Management.” There was an ongoing joke throughout the movie that the main character’s girlfriend’s ex was hugely endowed. He saw him at a urinal and it kinda freakied him out. He then found out, from his girlfriend, that she never saw it — likely story. Eventually he hooks up with two women on a date just to make his girl jealous. During one scene he asks them if size really matters, or if it’s just a male insecurity thing. The girl who answers say that they think differently on the issue. Then the other girl chimes in and says, “yes, I like them big, she likes them enormous!”

As I watched this with my girlfriend I began to feel sick to my stomach. It is a huge issue for me and she knows it. She says that I am “normal” and she sees no reason why it would bother me, but that doesn’t help. She also said that she was with one other guy who was “not much bigger than you.” Oh yeah, and,” it hurt.” Yeah, it doesn’t add up, but I know I can not blame her for past experience. The real problem is that she is getting tired of the issue and does not offer any “mollycoddling” to make me feel better about it. I hate being small. I hate having the issue thrown into my face. I would like nothing better than to get rid of this issue for good, but it’s been with me ever since I was a teen … that was 15 years ago. I thought that building a bigger dick would be my road to freeing myself from my self-imposed torture, but after almost three years of PE, I am still “below average.”

I am sorry that I went a little off the subject here, but I just began typing from the heart. If anyone could offer BelowAvg and I some advice on how to conquer our insecurities, I am sure that we would both be grateful.


Precisely on topic, I’d say.

Man, that’s harsh. “A little bigger and it hurt.” At least my girlfriend didn’t say it hurt… yet. Crap. Why do I have the feeling that I’ll soon be probing for more info? It’s like the Sirens calling me to the rocky shoreline. man.

Yeah, I wish it would go away too, but it won’t.


I feel your pain, man. I really do. Reading your post, I felt like I had written it! I have the exact feeling you do whenever I hear a joke like that in a movie or on TV. (I just watched that movie about a week ago.) I just feel sick to my stomach.

I feel like every other guy in the world has a bigger dick, and they are having all the fun… and I’m stuck with what I have and miserable. Hopefully, after a few years of hard work and WAY too much time, we will have something to be proud of.

It was really good to hear that I’m not alone in the way I feel. Anytime you want to talk, it’s cool with me. Just send me a PM.

Good luck to you. I wish you all the best.




I understand why you want to make your girl give you every bit of info concerning this other guy. I really do. The bad thing is you will never be satisfied with her answer. It doesn’t matter if she tells you the truth or tells you what you want to hear. I know all about that. What is she going to tell you?… that it was incredible? That’s not what you need.

Don’t give in to the sirens! Although, I know you will anyway. Sometimes, whether we like it or not, it’s better not to know.

Good luck, man.



I can feel it in my tummy as I read this thread. It’s a big
issue for me too. In fact every time I hear the words “big”, “huge”, “hung” I can feel it.
TV and media in general don’t make it better. I read some personal ads now and then, and the women there often want a “huge” tool, “Extremely big” dick. Tv- shows like “Ally Mcbeal” do the same thing. Two girls accidently see some guy naked(Black dude), and their jaws drop to the floor, they look at each other, their looks say it all.

I’m intimidated every time I see something like this, because I’m insecure of my size, and because I’m brainwashed, and because I believe that most women prefer a big dick. Because I’m brainwashed.LOL
They say “Your size is just right”, “you’re perfect for me”, “Size doesn’t matter that much to me”.. But “ME” with a bigger dick would be better, right?

The issue of vagina size is not mentioned often, right? It’s the guy who has to fill her up, no mattter the size of her vagina…

So that’s why I’m so grateful for having found Thunder’s Place, because now I KNOW that it’s possible to do something about the penis size, despite of what certain MD’s and urologists and sexologists say; “You just have to accept what you have and make the best of it” NO WAY!

So I’ll put in the time and effort, read and educate myself on PE, until I reach my target size. Everyone can gain with a healthy approach and by listening to those who have the knowledge!

So keep PE’ing, and we’ll support each other in this forum.

January 2009: BPEL: 8.6" EG: 5.7"

Goal for 2009: BPEL: 8.75" EG: 6"

Ultimate goal: BPEL: 9" EG: 6.5"

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We are definitely kindred spirits on this topic. I will probably give in to the sirens. I don’t know what I will get from it, but I need something. If she had only not let the “he was bigger” slip, I would actually still be blissfully ignorant.

Oh yeah, then this morning we’re talking about whether PDA’s are good for emailing, and she says “For example if you click ‘email John’…blah blah blah”. Guess what the bigger guys name was? “John.” Freudian association maybe? Al’s self-destructive imagination maybe? I did not say anything, but gave her several quizzical, wtf looks. She let it slide by. I think she ignored it to try to play it off like it was nothing, so that I would have to risk feeling stupid if I brought it up. I don’t know. Pissed me off though.



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