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Blood Levels and PE

Blood Levels and PE

Upon returning from my last trip to the hospital I finally got a look at a printout of my latest blood work. I’m not sure what the exact name is for the panel that was run but it was a reasonably extensive one. The question I have is concerning some of these levels and my PE. My hemoglobin, hematocrit, red blood cell count, and corpuscular volume were all very low, some on the very bottom of the acceptable range. Also my CO2 and urea nitrogen were only 1 point away from the maximum allowable values.

Would these factors have any effect on PE? I doubt they would effect gains, but could they have some sort of impact on healing time? My medical knowledge isn’t all that encompassing yet, so I’ll defer to those of you who are more versed in such matters.

My Gains thus far You can expect a forecast of vengeance in the near future. "Combat salacious removal"

It would be my guess, that for the benefit of your overall health, you should takes steps to move these values more to the middle of the band.

As a start, what type of diet do you have?

Are you over weight?

Do you smoke or drink alcohol?

Do you exercise? (other then PE :) )

Well I’m on a high-cal, high-protein, high-everything diet at the request of my doctors. I’m not overweight, actually I’m right about in the middle of the BMI index for my height. I drink sparingly and usually exercise but haven’t been able to lately due to a lung exacerbation. I do agree that I should get the values to a normal level but I’m not sure if it’s possible, especially the blood gases.

I had talked with my mother earlier about it, as she has been anemic for years so has a better knowledge than I do. We agreed that it would be best if I could get the levels back in line from diet, but that Iron might be necessary. I’ve been taking a regular multivitamin/multimineral for about a year and am considering taking an additional Iron supplement to try and boost my RBC and to try and increase the oxygen binding capacity.

The hemoglobin was 13.3, with 13 being the low acceptable value, but couple with my gases being way off and low oxygen saturation as well is not good. I will be getting back to my regular exercise regime soon, but the lifting will have to wait for another few weeks, since I’m not supposed to lift anything heavy right now.

My Gains thus far You can expect a forecast of vengeance in the near future. "Combat salacious removal"

I think the advice of a specialist is in order and the only thing I would recommend is to prioritize getting your whole body in good working order before concentrating on the individual parts.

Well the problem is that I have cystic fibrosis so my body will never be in working order, and I just have to try and work within the constraints. But given the choice, I’d rather be sick with a large penis than sick with a small one. :)

My Gains thus far You can expect a forecast of vengeance in the near future. "Combat salacious removal"

I just finished Googling lung exacerbation and saw the connection with cystic fibrosis. That’s a bummer, but I can see why having a large penis would help brighten your day.

So I will ask this. Does PE cause excessive bruising to your penis, perhaps due to your low hemoglobin and oxygen levels? And what does your PE routine consist of?

Well I’m not sure if I would qualify it as excessive, but if I do a moderately intense jelqing session there is almost always some degree of spotting. It’s becoming less and less each time which is a plus, so at least my dick is becoming conditioned. My routine is basically the newbie routine, with some hanging as well. The hanging I’m doing is 12.5 lbs SD right now. I had been doing some OTS hanging but would end up with terrible bruising and discoloration no matter what the weight.

The main thing I’m wondering is if maybe due to this bad body chemistry I need to have more rest days than usual. This is the premise I’m assuming this from: jelqing causes micro-tears, after the session blood gets to these tears and brings them the compounds needed to rebuild, micro-tears heal resulting in gains. If my blood has too much waste gas and not enough oxygen, wouldn’t this lessen its effectiveness in healing the tears? And if that is the case, wouldn’t I need more time for recovery? This is of course assuming my premise was correct and I didn’t botch something in it.

My Gains thus far You can expect a forecast of vengeance in the near future. "Combat salacious removal"

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