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Blood in sperm


Originally Posted by buulet

Better yet?

Haven’t tossed off again as too scared to, but the ball pain is gone and now as you know it’s the bp that’s my problem. Maybe I should have a good shag and perhaps that’ll sort it out.

go for it!

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Yeah 170/120 is outrageous. I heard lots of celery juice can lower blood pressure by as much as 10 points.

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I had blood in my sperm about 15 years ago and it scared the hell out of me. It happened two or three times, I noticed it when I pulled out and shot my load on my wife’s stomach. I went to my urologist and he said it was not unusual. He said it was probably due to some physical stress I put on my body. It went away and I haven’t noticed it since, thankfully. I’d talk to your urologist about it to be sure though. Never want to take something like that lightly. Good luck and let us hear back from you.

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Thanks buddy.

I hope you have got it checked, even if it is nothing. An ultrasound will be a simple test. I have had testicular cancer twice and lost both of mine (had them rebuilt bigger to match my new size). The fatality rate of undiagnosed TC is 98%. The survival rate of early detection of TC is 99%. I like those odds! Hope you stay healthy.

I read the thread title backwards and did a double take. i thought that you had gone in for a blood test and found out that you had sperm in your blood.

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No I just saw it when I ejaculated. It’s all over now. No more blood and all is fine.


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