Blood after pressing on perineum

So in the past I have used this interesting technique where you press on the perineum (the area between the balls and anus) to stop from ejaculating when orgasming, and this morning after a few years of not doing it, I did it again and I must’ve pressed harder or something, cause a few drops of blood came out after, when I went to the bathroom. Now the horror I experienced is …wow…I dont even remember the last time I was this scared.

I went to see an urologist today and he told me I havent damaged anything but the urethra and since I peed without blood coming out, its all healed now. I was scared that I might’ve done some damage to something else.

Anyway, this is a warning to anybody who might use this technique, dont use it. In fact, this is the end for me of all things not natural. I aint touching my junk anymore.

Oh and why the fuck was there a female nurse in the cabinet ? I was so anxious I had a baby dick….so embarased …