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So now I have officially named it! :D

‘Blast -ing when a man at the end of intercourse
ejaculate the hardest and longest possible way.’

I noticed this black dude with a 9.5” or some ting in
a just watched porno flick. And he moaned moaned
and held the almost top of the shaft then releasing
it and shooting an extremely hard load.

I don’t really know how he did it but when to think of
it i know alot of people in porno movies use this technique.
But what i wonder is how is it really done?

kegels holding doing one twice before releasing hand pressure
or what actually is going on? he would at least be able to
shoot 6 feet.


I think he builds up a reservoir of cum and because there’s not enough room for all his BC muscle keeps thrusting building up pressure then he loosens his grip a little. High pressure plus small opening equals lots of speed. You have to time it with a thrust of your BC muscle otherwise it will all just dribble out.

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