Bladder problems from Kegels?

Has anyone else noticed sudden urges to urinate after embarking upon a kegel routine ??

You see about 8 or 9 months ago when I first heard about PE and began doing kegels, I started to get bladder problems (uncontrollable urge to piss all of a sudden) at first I thought this could be some kind of STD, so went and got the all clear (painful tests) then I went back to my Doctor who did numerous tests before giving me antibiotics and referring me to a urologist. While waiting for my urologist appointment I decided to do a few test for myself, and came to the conclusion that if I stopped kegeling for a day or 2 the problem would get a little better.

Yesterday I saw the urologist and mentioned my kegeling to him, however he was uninterested in my theory and so took yet more samples for testing and arranged another appointment for a few months time.

All I want to know is have any of you guys ever had a problem like this…… kegel routine is about 30 10-second cycle squeezes.

Oh when I changed to 100 2-second clenches the problem worsened ?:: \