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Ok, i want to ask an opinion.
It will be a strange post I know!

I have never taken sun…too much
I think it is bad for my skin
(i am a white guy)
so I have try ed to avoid the more possible.
Ok, 10 minutes is ok for me.
But stop like that. ah ah ah

The best is that now my face is like
i have when i was a boy…
everybody say I look very young
(I am 40; look like 30)

Anyway what I complain is that the boner
of my body seems a little…thin.
Ok I am very muscular…
but I have thin boners, so i don’t look
soooooooo massive…. like i could.

I believe this is in part due to my
approach with sun exposition
(loss of it)

You think is possible?
Or is only a genetic costitution?
Thanks for an opinion.
I was thinking to change my habits
and take lot of sun (using filter anyway)
Or maybe is too late to change my
body constitution?

Which approach you have with sun,
sun exposition, uva rays, and so on?
You stay a lot at the sun?

Artificial light (uva uvb beds)? It’s bad, I believe.
Better natural light, no?


Now I go a little out topic.
But….i talk about sun, in some way…..

I am a white guy, but i love black people.
Especially black women, physically,
i find them the most attractive in the world.

Now I was thinking…the black race
is so beauty and massive ( i mean also the
women have a good strong constitution)
because…they take a lot of sun in africa?

What you think about.?

I know that sun help to calcificate calcium
in the body, so can be this the reason?

Ok, even if now they don’t take and live
somewhere in the world, is a genetic patrimony
i believe. It’s a strong race, IMO.

I am thinking, also sexually, sun has an
influence for develop the body organs?
True or not?

I know is not a legend, that black man,
can be more massive than white, for example.
Not all are more big, of course.
But some of them are …massive and sexually
very developed.

I don’t think is caused by alimentation, of course!
Europeans, americans and so on have the possibility
to eat much much better, if they want.

So is a genetic thing. Sun and other (natural
selection) can be the cause?

I have a girl friend of mine who told me
she was making sex with a black guy, one day.
It was the first time for her with a black guy.
She says she was very shocked.
It’s measure was even too much for her
(don’t know how much…I believe 9 or like that)
but the fact is that he was doing love for
2 hours with her, she could not go on anymore!
She was sore!!!

Ok, I think also we at thunder, we are
great sex machine… ah ah ah
No problem at all!!!!


ok, I close here.
What is your opinion on my crazy post?
ah ah ah ah


People these days are way too paranoid about the Sun. The Sun is what brings life to this planet and is generally responsible for making you healthy, not sick. People who get sick from the Sun get way over what would be considered normal exposure.

For your body to be healthy you need as much as 30 minutes of sunlight a day. It is a prime source of Vitamin D for your body which your body needs to process calcium and therefore create strong bones.

The best times for Sun exposure are before 10 AM and after 2 PM. I believe if you have a healthy diet and limit your time in the Sun to 30 minutes or less, you don’t need a Sun screen.

I don’t get much sun and I also am told I look young for my age. I also am very attracted to black women. I’ve read that a race living in the heat for a very long time ( how many 1000s of years required I don’t know) will develop elongated bodies designed to release heat. The reverse is true for living in the cold as the bodies will draw up. Your mention of the women telling how big the black man was will not get answered clearly. I’m inclined to believe that in general black men are longer because of similiar stories from women. It’s simply going to have to remain that everyone has their own opinion on this. Many men believe it’s just completely exaggerated hearsay with no truth to it and other men choose to think there must be something to it. Others think there is something to it, but only in seldom cases. Still others don’t care if it’s true or not.

The study that said 7% white men and 14% black men are 8” or longer might be about as close as we are ever going to get to finding out. I use to visit BET(black entertainment television) website as a guest troll every once in a blue moon just to see what was being said about size issues. Unfortunately, a few men would mess up their website by aggravating the black women by talking trash. Still, from the posts that that did get down to the women talking about size, in general the women there were just like the women here, size tended to matter but usually wasn’t important (sometimes it was). The women clearly pointed out that not all black men are hung and some were small. But there were always some women that said they had never been with a black man under 8 inches and most had run into one or more longer than that—-so they said anyway.Unfortunately, the discussions were not moderated and some guys would break in and cause trouble calling them liars and such, so no really good threads on the subject could ever really get going to get some definitive answers because of arguments stirred up.

I hadn’t been there in long time, looked in recently, and noticed that it’s been completely redone. The old posts are gone and it appears to possibly have some moderation occurring now.

Xaixoit gives me a great platform for a mini-lecture to you sun lovers.

I love the sun, too, and spend a great deal of time in it all year round. I go to a dermatologist annually for a skin check. The latest visit revealed a carcinoma on my ear. I am lucky to have a type which does not metasticize and is not very aggressive. However, I had to go to a plastic surgeon to be treated. It was necessary to remove the top 1/3rd inch of my ear, a good chunk of the dorsal-curving lobe, to remove all the cancer. I have a graft now (plastic surgeons are very clever) and will find out late this week if it “took” or not.

It is not just the fair-skinned who get skin cancer. It is only that darker skinned people have a bit more defense from it, but they are also prone to certain skin-cancer types.

I do not believe in any way that enjoying the sun or living in it will have the remotest effect on the size of one’s cock. If you sun bathe a lot, it will get bigger? No way. The heat of the the sun may make your flaccid larger, temporarily.



Gprents comments sound EXACTLY like what I would have said! Avoid the midday sun 1000am to 200pm in the summer. Winter is fine (Hawaii is almost equatorial therefore sun is strong year round). I am a true believer that if you are getting proper nutrition, especially full spectrum minerals, the sun will have a tremendous health improving effect. In Africa, where people get some of the highest exposure to the sun, they have some of the worlds lowest skin cancer rates…wazzup wit dat? Take those same people and expose them to a good ol’ american diet,and their skin cancer rates soar. Black Americans also have fairly high levels of skin cancer. In my opinion, it is when we don’t get the proper minerals, that the sun has such a deleterious effect. But as stated above, I believe in avoiding mid day sun, and sun screening and going out in it doesn’t statistically change the cancer outcome.

For anyone interested in full spectrum minerals go to and read about minerals. If you want to buy them, I think that Okinawan coral calcium does a good job of providing them. You can now get them fairly cheaply at walmart (some of them anyway). Also, seaweed is rich in minerals, kelp is a good source.

Your an idiot. Move to Florida.

I was a lifeguard back in the 70’s-have had numerous bouts with basal cell carcinoma. I go every 6 months for a check up, use gallons of sunscreen, and usually have my head covered……Skin is not leather like right now….but wait till I get old…:-)

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


I was told that serious bouts of sunburn early in life set you up later for a propensity toward skin cancer. Also that, having had this, I have now a 40% chance of another basal cell cancer above the neck in the next 4 years. Good info to act on, imo.



Melanoma, accounting for three-quarters of all skin-cancer deaths, is still something of a mystery. Intermittent bursts of sun exposure, especially during childhood, seem to dispose one toward it, whereas more consistent sun exposure (e.g., an outdoor occupation) appears to have a protective effect. Sunscreen, moreover, does not seem to protect against melanoma and for years was even thought to contribute to its development (recent meta-analyses suggest otherwise).

Av-it’s the same with me. Doc told me that because of my “earlier” life style as I get older and older the percentages of a reoccurrance go up with age.

Sad to think that the only place on me that is probably safe is between the cheeks…..

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Originally Posted by bodie
Your an idiot. Move to Florida.


I don’t know who you are calling an idiot, but it’s best when doing so not to be an idiot yourself. If you want to say “You are an idiot”, it’s not “your” an idiot, it’s “you’re” an idiot.

“idiot” is a word which sounds strange

in this forum…


…Are you sure you have not taken
too much sun today?
ah ah



Originally Posted by gprent101

People these days are way too paranoid about the Sun.

I absolutely disagree here. It has been proven over and over again that too much sun in your childhood will raise the skin cancer risk drastically (not only for children of course but if you get too much as a child there will always remain a higher risk unlike smoking where many can get an as-if-nonsmoker state after several years of not smoking at all).

It has also been proven that most people who use sun blockers or whatever it’s called do not use it right and miss many parts of their body and face because it’s difficult to see where you have enough and where you haven’t (they use fluorescent colors that are not visible in daylight and then show under black light that the cream is not spread equally).

It is a serious risk for white people and I also know lot’s of people who stayed too much in the sun and solarium and have little skin problems-skin cancer deriving from that.

I also want to point out that you said “these days”. Especially these days it is dangerous, more than ever.


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