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So much of it is genetics & luck,and you don’t really know until it’s too late. Any Aussies on this thread? Skin cancer rates are going off the chart there, if I recall correctly.

Mrs RBM has had over 15 skin cancers removed from various parts of her body. All were basal cell carcinomas, fortunately. Every year she gets one or two more. The funny thing is, she began avoiding the sun about the time I met her (she was 19) because of concerns of sun damage. The damage was all done during childhood. Her parents moved to South Florida a few years before she was born and her mom took the kids to the beach at every opportunity. Her ethnic backround is Danish & German, 50/50, so she’s pretty pale. She’s 45.

Me, on the other hand, used to bake in the sun up until the time I met the future Mrs RBM. Even since then I haven’t been anywhere near as compliant with sunscreen use with outdoor activities as I should be. (I used to bike 200 or more miles/week, and have done a fair bit of sailing.) My ethnic backround is equal parts German, French, English & Scottish. I haven’t had a single suspicious lession. I’m 45 and usually pass for 8-10 years younger. My mother looks (& her mother looked) much younger than their chronological ages, too.

Despite my luck in this one area of my genes, I try to avoid the sun and could probably place pretty well in a “whitest legs in Florida, Male Division” contest. No need to temp fate. There may be a UV ray out there with my name on it.

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Yikes RBM!

I love the sun but get little of it here in Scotland. I recently went to France and soaked it up nicely there. I tan easily and don’t burn which is good, but I still take a responsible attitude to the sun i.e. lots of high factor sun cream regularly.


I love your posts, their style cracks me up!

I read that those who work in the sun all year round have less troubles than those who go on a ‘sun binge’ once in a while. The reasoning being that the ‘all-year-rounders’ have have plenty of time to let the melatonin build up in their skin which helps limit the damage. You might want to investigate the upcoming “Melanotan” and “Melanotan II” (aka The Barbie drug). It helps you build melatonin before sun exposure, makes you horny, and acts as an appetite supressant (hence my thread a while back titled “Does the sun make you horny?” wondering if melatonin was linked to horniness.

For Bone thickness, the only thing I can think of is high doses of growth hormone, which would be mega-buck and possibly dangerous, though I believe it does encourage bone thickness (but not length since the end plates are sealed).

For sun shine, I haven’t looked into this, but how about a full spectrum light bulb? (as used by S.A.D sufferers)

Originally Posted by bodie
Your an idiot.

Hahaha - that’s very funny.

Who’s the idiot now? :)

If we were just all dark like a few millions years ago this would all be no problem and we could say fuck that ozeothon layer or what it’s called. Take this nature! Ha!

Well unfortunately we keep killing ourselves with this crap and it’s about time we change something. Till then fear that bright fire ball in the sky, it’s out to kill you!…every single day…


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