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Ok, guys here I need your advice.

My girls…gives me some BJ
so well done….that she makes me out of control.
Her technique is so good….LOL

The fact is that in this way, I cum too fast.
Like some few minutes…. and I am out of game!
I really enjoy that but I want to play more time
with her.

I really have my BC workout
everyday (like 100-200, squeezing with medium force
like read in a recent article)

Can I have some pro advice from you guys.
I have read from some of you, you can not cum
receiving a BJ;
For me I have the opposite problem.

How the hell can I do?


I’m that kind of guy that can’t cum receiving a blowjob (Really I can but this takes a lot time).

All is on my mind. I like BJs but I don’t find these so exciting to finish here. These are more a foreplay to me and I always wait for next step.

I don’t really think you have any problem.

The only advice I can do is: relax and enjoy.

ok, I understand…

instead for me is the most intimate

and exciting thing…

maybe can be that the reason.

THanks man.

Any other ideas, guys?


Think about something repulsive when you think you are getting too excited. It’s what I do whenmy hubby is doing me and I am not ready for it to end, but my body is. :)

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Just tell her to slow down or stop. But I don’t think you what to, you like it too much!

Communication is the key.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Ask her to give you a BJ with an ice cube in her mouth. I’ve had it done before and the feeling is awsome. It may numb the sensitivity a bit and help you last longer.

>Ask her to give you a BJ with an ice cube in her mouth

Then if you finally cum in her mouth add a little vodka and she can take a white russian :D

Sorry, I’m a gross.

anna is difficult to think some repulsive!
I look at her and the only thing I want is to fuck her!LOL
anyway…let me try think about taxes…maybe it works…

No really, I have a lot of techniques
(breathing and others…)
but I dont want to use them becouse
I am too in communication with her
and I dont want to build a wall between
me and her while doing that….

you are right…in reality I dont want her to
stop…yeah she is incredible, she also use her teeth
and that makes me in crisis to resist..LOL!

I was thinking to some spray
to help a little but i dont know where to find.
And if…it can help me.

Really the thing I would do is…
to have a best bc control.
I have read the article of westla
and it’s killer!
Any of you have tryed to use
the BC muscle, contracting (mediume force)
and use to prevent from ejaculation?

I start to believe that is the key!
I want to try doing some reps in some moments of the day
(3 sec, like that - medium force, think is better to not use the pc also…)

and maybe use it also during the sex session
(with some pause….alternating, if you understand)

any of us has some good report on this?
thanks guys!!!!


Maybe she could blow you after you fuck her and have cum already that should make you last longer. A good chick knows the power of the blow job to get her guy up and going again. Sometimes it’s fun to just have a night where you just get each other off orally with no fucking at all.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

It’s a good idea Dino, I agree with you.

You know…this night we made sex again and it was great.
No BJ…I wanted to fuck her very well and I did it.
With her lovely collaboration of course! LOL

I used my BC tonight and it was perfect.
You know: I kept doing some reps during all the day.
After I take some arginina at night (becouse I cum
so much in this period…need a little rest but I cannot now! eh eh)

So , we start sex , vary position,and I kept working on BC, medium force
reps of 2/3 sec stroke….with some pause in between.
It was perfect! Ok, no BJ (in that I need to work more to learn control)
but in the rest I felt to be in good control

People…BC it’s great! Now I start to” get” it.
Medium stroke it’s the key. Or you start to use also pc, anus
and that is not …good, i believe.
YOu cum too fast that way.

So… she was singing after!!! wow. LOL
and very happy of me, told me I am a great lover.
And she likes my measure too
(anyway I can be better…in one year i hope to be 8;
now I am 7 1/4 i believe)

So, people: so happy to have studied so hard
to have broken my arms, and to learn all the secrets
to play good with chicks.
C&funny attitude, pe work, mental attitude, all it’s working perfect.
and thanks to thunders and all guys here

I wanted to share with my family here, ok?
Love you all.


Hey, turning to the BJ argument:
I am searching for a kind of spray I could use
to have less sensitivity…
Maybe I can do by myself if I know the
When I use condoms, I use the type
“retard”, and sincerely this helps a lot
to last…any time I want .
Is so easy, really.

Any of you “porn star” out there
knows a way to create a spray version?


I have found through the years if I’m cumming to soon to suit me, that if you masterbate on a regular basis, you have better control. I want to last as long as I can because my wife feels sooooooo good. If you use oral, or your dick, to get her off first then it’s your turn to recieve your pleasure.

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