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Birth Control Question

Birth Control Question

I know this doesn’t really fit into the “newbie” forum, but I don’t think I can post anywhere else.

Yesterday I had unprotected sex with a girl on birth control. I made sure to pull out just to be safe. The only issue is that she was on the first day of her placebo pills, but not yet starting her period. So technically she wasn’t “on” birth control for the day, although she had been the day before. Should I be worried here and buy the morning after pill? I would rather be safe than sorry. I guess what I want to know is if you can get pregnant while taking the placebo pills.

If she’s been on The Pill for a couple months already, she shouldn’t conceive. The so-called placebo pills are just a hormonal regulatory part of that package of daily doses. I hope she has taken them all.

If she just started on pill contraception, you should use a condom until she’s been with her system for two months and everything is working as it should.



Depending on the birth control, it should stop ovulation altogether. Ask her what type of birth control she’s on and look up how it works on google. It’ll win you points and you’ll learn something. Personally, I want to know what goes into these things before I trust blindly that they will work.

Also, don’t forget that you can still get STDs.

Thanks for the info, it’s times like this where I thank god I joined here. My mind has been eased.

Wear a condom and pull out both. But you SHOULD be OK. It’s actually harder than most people think to get pregnant.

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