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Biggest balls and biggest load ever!

Biggest balls and biggest load ever!

I think alot of us has seen this video at one point, but I want to bring it to everyone’s attention. I’ve seen alot of discussions here about getting bigger balls and shooting bigger loads. The guy in this video seems to have found the solutions we’ve been looking for. I’d like some of the experts on this forum to watch this video and chip in on how this guy achieved this.

Link to video clip removed.

Say hello to my big friend.

Cleaning up would be a nightmare

Yah, I think a lot of people have seen that one. But he might not be doing anything to produce this much semen. Perhaps, he has a medical disorder. That is not normal or even within the range of what could be considered as normal. When your ejaculate volume is 25x (a conservative estimate) the norm, you probably have hyperspermia, possibly are infertile, and may have a serious medical issues. Some people have speculated he has injected his testicles with some kind of saline solution, which is probably the rumor you read or heard. Although I am unsure how that would affect the volume of the ejaculate since the majority of ejaculate comes from the seminal vesicles or prostate, not from the testes. He could have an enlarged prostate. I don’t know.not a urologist, of course.

Anyway, I’d rather be infamous on youporn for having a huge dick, not for making a giant mess all over the floor when I cum. I guess the upside is you could get a unique job in porn pretty easily if you really want to. Lots of porn stars have big dicks.none that I have seen cum like that dude though.

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The information about hyperspermia is VERY limited online. No one seems to know what causes this. I would love to be able to shoot at least a quarter of that and have balls half that size. Somebody’s got to know something.

Say hello to my big friend.

That is just bizarre, although as Fantom said, a niche market in fetish porn is almost certainly waiting.

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What happen to the to video?

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I believe I have seen that video (which was removed from here) in the past. First, large testes have nothing to due with the volume of one’s load. Testicles make sperm, the prostate and seminal vesicles are what make the fluid the sperm travel in and hence are almost 99% of ejaculate. One could argue he has a massive prostate I suppose, but it is most likely faked. Perhaps he injected a “cum-like” substance into his bladder and is “peeing” it out in bursts. I’m not sure, but certainly not something you should strive for…although I would love to blast out a facial on a girl with a load like that, just to see her horrified reaction.

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Originally Posted by big Bori333
What happen to the video?

Policy: no images (moving or still) of bodily fluids (urine, feces, semen, etc.) are allowed in posts on Thunder’s Place forums.

Or words to that effect.

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