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Bigger balls!

Hey langgman, I think what your doing is fine, I’m sure most guys would like bigger balls, and it does seem a bit odd of all the negative feedback your getting, considering that just about everyone here does what most people would consider weird. But as long as you have done the research it should be fine.
One thing I read on another forums is they can damage your testicles, by scratching them, but I don’t remember the circumstances of that case, so they may not have been smoothed enough. I’m sure your doctor knows what he’s doing though.

Can’t wait to see photos

I can understand the desire to have bigger balls, however, 8X6 just seems wrong. If you are are going ahead and have paid a deposit, do it in a more acceptable size that will not look unnatural or cause other problems performing daily tasks.

You mean to tell me someone is going to have bigget nuts than me?

Lets see. 7cm by 4cm, darn! Darn! Darn! Darn!

Mine are the originals.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Hahahahahaha kingpole !! :D Look on the bright side langgman. You might be able to use your new balls as anal beads or something :D . I mean your balls will DWARF the size of your penis.. DWARF the size. 8x6 balls seems way too extreme. It’s like having.. God, the thought of having two 8x6 balls just made me forget what I was going to say..

Anyway, good luck :)

I saw in a porn movie a black guy who had quite big balls, and he inserted them in the girl`s ass, and his dick in her pussy, so if you`ll have 8x6 balls, at least you know you`ll fully satisfy your girl haha .

Hahahaha !

But have you tried stretching the balls with the anal, you will get a better hang for sure.

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Never ever a turtle again...

Has anyone noticed this thread is labeled with a big grin?

Horny Bastard

8x6 size balls are nothing to grin about.

Originally Posted by kingpole
You mean to tell me someone is going to have bigget nuts than me?

Lets see. 7cm by 4cm, darn! Darn! Darn! Darn!

Mine are the originals.

kingpole, your nuts are 7x4? Have they been a hindrance to you? Get in the way? I know (assume) they’re what you’ve always had, but have you ever wished they were smaller or different.? Mine are about 5x3 and they’ve never seemed huge, but average. Even 7x4 seems monstrous! ( to tell you the truth, I’d never even measured my balls before today, which seems odd since I’m so obsessed with my penis!!) This has been a very interesting and thought provoking thread. Good luck whatever you decide Langemann!!

:_pump: :donatecar

The thing is they get bigger when Kingpole gets erect, but thats what happens to all guys, the volume capacity of the testicls swell to about 50%.

Do they get in the way, Sometimes.

I take Genseng I read that gensing increases the size of testicles in prrvention magazine.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Langeman I appreciate your like of larger balls. I personally had a hydrocele last year and my testicles were each the size of your desired implants or larger. While I must say I loved the bulge it is nearly impossible to dress professionally. It can also be painful/difficult to sleep on your stomach or side. If you would like to talk privately send me a PM.

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Yeah I would go no bigger than chicken eggs.

Guys - don’t get confused with the cm and inches. I believe langeman talked about cm - no big deal then - right?

Later - ttt


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