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Bigger balls!

I guess you won’t be doing much bike riding after the operation.

Horny Bastard

Don’t mess with your balls; surgery, pumping that’s all f*****g insane IMO.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Originally Posted by winkie

How do you naturally enlarge your testes? I wouldn’t mind having a bigger set of balls if I could do it naturally. You can add a new thread called TE!

Make a search - that exists already

Later - ttt

I just don’t get it!
Why would you want to do something like that? All of the things that can go wrong, and for what? Bigger tests?!?!

Isn’t this procedure intended for those that for whatever reason don’t have tests?

Messing with your penis is one thing, messing with your balls, or their sack, is another. Your penis can repair itself, kind of like a muscle, but if you fuck up your tests, that’s it. No turning back. And a whole lot of problems can arise from this. We are talking hormones production involvement.

Have you consider different scenarios from the surgery? Or are you just thinking about bigger balls and that everything will be fine? I’m not trying to be negative here, but in my opinion if you are going to have surgery, no matter what it is, you have to think about the risks, and compare the + with the -.

Anyway, if you decide to go on with it, don’t you think 8x6 cm is kind of huge?

I do a lot of heavy lifting for my job and it’s forced the tube that connects your testicles to your body down into my scrotum. At first I thought it was a hernia or cancer but it’s not. It’s just more efferent ductules resting on my testicles. It’s makes my sack look bigger so theres no problem there but at times it is uncomfortable and I feel it could be damaging my testicles. So ask your self could this operation cause me any pain in the future and do I want that.

P.S. Try hanging a something of the same weight from your sack and as these in-pants and see how you like it first.

There is a video on this forum somewhere where a guy has shot up so much silicone into his dick and sack it became a gigantic grotesque, non-functioning blob. The guy also had silicone injected into his lips. It is some sort of wierd fetish thing.

Horny Bastard

Seriously - I would have thought you thunder-guys would understand this… But I feel kinda alone here… So - if this is YOUR reaction to this plan - how will my wife react…. :-( I’ve already payed the doctor some money in deposit…

Never ever a turtle again...

Your wife will probably complain when you can’t insert your cock inside her because your big ass balls are in the way.

Have you actually held an object in your hand that measures 8X6 cm and then imagined having 2 of those in your scrotum? We are are for making things big, but what you are considering is way over the top. I can’t even imagine having balls the size of chicken eggs and you are going way larger.

Here’s another question. Have you pushed both of your testicles up inside your body and imagined having them stuck there permanently?

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Originally Posted by Langemann
Seriously - I would have thought you thunder-guys would understand this… But I feel kinda alone here… So - if this is YOUR reaction to this plan - how will my wife react…. :-( I’ve already payed the doctor some money in deposit…

It’s your money, your wife, and your life.

My read is that guys are not getting why you’d want these huge balls swinging down there if your flaccid size doesn’t seem to go along with them. Maybe yours does and it will work out to be neat looking. And you’ll have a great pants bulge, too. But you aren’t saying much to a penis enlargement forum to encourage support in your program, looks like.



Before going the surgical route, see if the doc will give you a run of HCG first. That should plump them up quite a bit then you can see if you actually like them bigger.

I don’t have anything very big down there but have sat on my balls before getting into the car. Not pleasant. You really don’t want to get them so big that they are in the way.

Your testes move up and down with your sac in order to regulate their temperature. If they are permanently up inside your body and unable to cool off, I can imagine fertility problems arising down the road since excess heat can screw up sperm production. Do you plan on having kids? If you do, I’d leave your nuts alone. If not, then do what makes you happy, but just realize you are treading in dangerous waters…

Langemann, don’t settle for small like that or you will regret it later.

Model NN-EBL measures a full 5.75” in length! They do custom work as well so you could go larger. Just scroll down about one third of the way to where it says, ” Equine & Bulls”

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I think you’re crazy, like most of the guys here.

1) your nuts are sacred and should not me meddled with. Ever.
2) you want to bulge? Buy an extra pair of socks
3) you wan to impress the ladies naked? Get a bigger dick and work out.
4) gravity.

I wouldn’t risk the complications. Take your woman on a nice vacation or whatever with the money, instead.
(Feeling kinda weird about advising a stranger about such a thing but it sounds like such a baaaad idea to me.)

Make sure you save money for the wheelchair, as you might find walking to be uncomfortable. But I’m sure the babes will be impressed with that bulge as you wheel up to them!

Horny Bastard


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