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Big Dong, but can't last long in the sack


Originally Posted by IvanDrago
YEah, that’s why I use the condom, the numbing liquid is on the inside, so it doesn’t get on the female. But that seems to work with you. You are the same as me, feeling is not as great, but whatever. I’d rather fuck for an hour and have her cum a few times then fuck for 2 minutes, even if she does cum in the short time.

Exactly. If she wants a quicky I’m good for 5-10 minutes on my own, otherwise I’m good for at least an hour using the lube.

Stop looking and gawking and drooling over porn. Cut that crap out!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Originally Posted by kingdong69
Even your mum knows?

As for the comp case thats a good idea. Will have to use the one without the window though.

Actualy yes. I’m sure she doesn’t know what it is but she heard me and my girlfriend telling my sister to get her husband one.

Wow, you talk about stuff like that with your sister?

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