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--Best way to Kegel? Also, how to make gradual climaxes?--

--Best way to Kegel? Also, how to make gradual climaxes?--

Hey, I have two quick questions. First off, in what state is it best to perform kegels? By state, I mean, is it best to perform them while erect, semi-erect, or flacid. Or does it not matter? I know that when I am erect, I have the most powerful/controlled kegels. What do you suggest?

Second, climaxes (orgasm). I don’t know what it is with me, but my climaxes happen much too suddenly. By suddenly, I do not mean quick (stamina). I mean that my penis could be receiving stimulation and it would feel good, but not very strong, but then all of a sudden it would feel incredibly strong and shortly after, I would climax.

For an analogy, my climaxes are more like an on-off switch, it’s either light pleasure or extreme pleasure/climax. It is not a gradual increase in pleasure. How can I change this? It makes it a tad difficult to control your orgasms when they happen so suddenly.


Please Read This!!!!!

Hi, I am a new member to this forum but have something great to share, only I can not create a new tread???? so please post this for all to see…

I found a video some monthes back with PETER NORTH going through his daily PE routines for a camera. It was pretty badly made, but he had a techique for the PC muscle which works better and faster than any other. Before using this techique I was hopeless at exercising the PC muscle using the kegel method.

Anyway, Peter North’s method is simple and brilliant.
You lie down on the floor, with a good erection making sure you penis is resting against your belly. Then place an open book on it and commence using your pc muscle to lift the book. Do as many as you can. Until you really feel the muscle tire.

I did this for three weeks then had sex, the girl was amazing, because not only did I already have a good size from several monthes of milking, but now I have a rock hard boner, and I shoot like a champ.

That’s a great, I never thought about using a book for it. What type of book was it? Roughly, how much do you think it should weigh?

Richard, about not being able to post; you need to make 20 posts before you are able to start a thread in the members sections.

That sounds pretty slick. I’m sure somebody around this forum has tried something like that.

The best way to kegel is to do it the way that feels best for you.

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