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Best desensitizing cream/spray brand?


Best desensitizing cream/spray brand?

I know there have been quite a few posts like this, but many of them are back in 2006, or don’t mention the brand name. I’ve heard of stud 100 or Indian sex god, but how about some more? What brands of desensitizing cream/spray have you guys had a lot of success with? To be honest I don’t care if I feel anything as long as it wont affect her at all, and I can still get hard.

I haven’t had consistent sex since early January, but my school year ends in less than a month and then I’ll get to see my girlfriend again. She always gets so wet when its been awhile so I want to make sure I can deliver before I get back into the swing of things. Any input would be great as I am planning on ordering in the next week.

Just stretch until you injure a nerve.

There’s actually condoms with this stuff inside them to last longer.

I don’t like condoms :) .

Stud100 works really well. I had my doctor prescribe me a Lidocaine 2.5%/Prilocane 2.5% topical cream that also works well, but has to be wiped off before use with a condom or mouth! They both just take too long to work so I’m curious about others. And Indian God Lotion did nothing for me except irritate me alot.

Thanks, I read about some of your comments in a few other threads. I went ahead and ordered both Indian God and stud 100 to try them both out. I’ll come back with my experiences of both in about a month.

Tmar89, about the stud 100: I did as much research as I could, but I was still a little confused about a couple of things. After 15 minutes if used with out a condom, will it numb my partner’s mouth/vagina? Should I try to wash some of it off? I don’t really want to use a condom, but I will if I have to. What about the taste of stud 100?

I remember baywatch saying that Indian God tasted like shit even after a shower. Indian god only has 16 sprays per bottle compared to stud 100’s 120 sprays, what a rip off!

This is going to sound really strange, but try anbesol. It numbs things (just don’t ask for oral with it rubbed in or her mouth will go numb).

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Oh my, well here’s a little secret from the boys of the USMC. I never thought this information would be of value to share, but here it is. Allot of my old buddies would spend a great deal of hard earned government paychecks on hookers. Yes, I know, hookers around a military base.who would have thought. Anyway, what you do is, go to the store and grab you a fine bottle of Chloraseptic sore throat spray. You give the unit about two or three pumps to the old glans area and wait 5 minutes or so. It soaks in, the excess evaporates and your just numb enough to have whiskey dick, but it will not numb your girls honey pot. Once it soaks in, you can even give it a soapy wash down without affecting the numbness. The boys found that this gave them more bang for their buck, it’s cheap and you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of letting the world know, or at least some hot young cashier, that you aren’t the master of your domain by buying desensitizer cream.

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Originally Posted by RandomGiant

Tmar89, about the stud 100: I did as much research as I could, but I was still a little confused about a couple of things. After 15 minutes if used with out a condom, will it numb my partner’s mouth/vagina? Should I try to wash some of it off? I don’t really want to use a condom, but I will if I have to. What about the taste of stud 100?

It will numb so you need to wipe down. And I don’t know how it tastes ;)

Thanks for the replies, guys + sunny.

RG, let us know how you like the various options once you’ve tried them. I’ve actually been experiencing some oversensitivity for the first time in my life in recent weeks, due to banging a girl with a super-muscular pussy :D Whenever she cums (which happens easily and often… lucky girl!) I’m almost pushed over the edge and have to slow down more than I’d like. I’d love a desensitizing lotion or cream or whatever that could last a while, so I could apply it in advance, and that could be washed off so that it didn’t numb her out.

Sure thing. Yeah I wont be able to “try it out” in person until around mid May though. I did try the chloroseptic sore throat spray and Stud 100 though.

The Chloro is pretty sweet, doesn’t smell that bad and has no taste after you rinse your dick after it evaporates. I doubt it’s nearly as powerful as the stud 100, but that’s not a huge deal for me. I was definitely numbed though, I wasn’t sure until I started pinching the tip of my glans haha. I applied it multiple times and I feel okay. I’m a little worried because it’s not really approved for this kind of thing. What do you guys think, could this be bad for me? May not be too bad as you are spraying it down your throat. Active ingredient is Phenol: 1.4% (oral anesthetic/analgesic).

The stud 100 seems a little messy. It doesn’t evaporate and you might need to use a condom every time. I only kept it on for a few minutes before I washed it off, but when I washed it off my dick wasn’t even numb (I think). I’ll try it again later, but I doubt it will be all that effective if you wash it off to go have sex bareback. If you wash it off, the taste doesn’t really linger though. It will numb the hell out of your mouth if you don’t wash it off though wow! I just dabbed my tongue on finger and my tongue was a little numb for a minute or so.

So far my favorite is the chloro. I would think that the stud 100 is better if you are really having control issues and don’t mind wearing a condom. I should get the Indian god lotion soon, but once again, the after taste doesn’t sound very appealing as I love a good blow job.

Thanks RG! Sounds like 9inchrichard’s trick works well. How long did the numbing from the Chlora last? Like you, I’d assume it’s safe to apply to the cock if it can be applied to the throat (where it will obviously be absorbed systemically more readily).

It seemed to work for at least an hour, although I stopped checking. I applied it 3 times because after the first time I wasn’t sure if I was getting any numbness, so just play around with it.

Wow haha. Who would have thought? I’m going to give the throat spray a try for sure. All you do is a few sprays on your glans, not the shaft? It lasts an hour…nice. No irritations or anything?

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My glans was a little red, but it didn’t bother me. I sprayed it once or twice and rubbed it in with my fingers and then let it dry. Repeat if necessary.

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