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Best desensitizing cream/spray brand?


Glad it helped. No fear guys, I’ve never seen anyone have a reaction to it outside maybe a little redness, which you can get from about anything. You don’t want your dick so numb that you have to reach down to make sure it’s still there! You might spend an hour humping the mattress under your girls butt and not even realize it.

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Originally Posted by tmar89

It will numb so you need to wipe down. And I don’t know how it tastes ;)

tmar, after you wipe it off, will your penis remain desentisized?

Is it possible to use this without a condom and still have a girl enjoy it?

It remains desensitized for an hour or so and it should be safe to use without a condom as long as its all wiped off.

Thanks tmar.


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