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Be careful out there. STDs are no joke!

Be careful out there. STDs are no joke!

I’ll try to keep this short. I lost my virginity back in November 2014. At 27 years old I thought it was about time. We were friends with benefits but on a psychological level sex without love really got to her so she would keep flip flopping. “I can’t do this anymore.” Then sometime later “hey I’m horny.” And so it would go back and forth. This frustrated me greatly. More than once I thought it was over for good. During one of those “off” times I found and met up with a swinger. I saw her several times total. A few weeks after losing my virginity I had what I thought were Chlamydia like symptoms. Went and got tested. Came back negative. I was given antibiotics, it cleared up, and because of the negative result my FWB and I thought it was a one off event and we continued having sex. For months I was symptom free, and to this day I do not know if I got it from the swinger or my FWB. I’m guessing the FWB since she had a very strong smell from the beginning. After she went a loooong time with not wanting sex, I met up with someone else on Plenty of Fish. Not long after I had symptoms of Chlamydia again. I don’t know if it had lain dormant that whole time or if I got it from the new girl. Was tested again at the same place. Negative again. Got antibiotics and it cleared up. Once again thought I was just unlucky and that it was a one off occurrence and me and the new girl continued having sex. Only this time it came back. Had to go to another place to get tested since the old one refused to see me anymore. This time it was positive. I and my partner both got treated. This wasn’t the end however. Later on I started feeling a discomfort in my pelvis and I constantly had to go to the bathroom. The diagnosis? Prostatitis. The Chlamydia had developed into a secondary prostate infection. I was given a 30 day course of antibiotics. I have a few days left and symptoms are non-existent. It’s been a long road but I think I’m finally out of the woods.

My partner uses the most effective known form of female birth control, we have both been treated and are now Chlamydia free, and we enjoy a relatively worry free sex life. But let me tell you, STDs are no joke. They’re expensive to treat, they interfere with normal life, and for people who are inclined to worry you start becoming hyper aware of everything that seems out of the ordinary with your body wondering if it’s related to some undiagnosed STD. The last two months or so when the symptoms resurfaced have been a literal hell on Earth. At times my fear was so intense that I would just sit or lay on my bed staring blankly, unable to do anything.

Only have sex with one person at a time. If she is using birth control, make damn fucking sure she doesn’t have anything! I wish I had been more careful. For those of you on these boards who are virgins or are not sexually experienced, take note! You will save yourself a world of stress if you just be careful! I wonder every so often how many years of my life are now gone due to stress. Well so much for being short, but that’s that.

Look bro and anyone reading this: Always use a condom and never ever give a woman oral sex without a barrier if you’re just hooking up with some chick. Period. No exceptions. She could be dirty. Women lie. If she’s willing to hookup with you then she’s probably already hooked up with a dozen guys or more. First rule is to never trust anyone. Second rule is to protect yourself. It doesn’t matter if you meet some random girl and she says her tubes have been tied. ***Use a condom and no oral sex.*** You can finger her and penetrate her but that’s it.

Once you get into a relationship with a woman and you take her to get tested (you must go with her and verify that she’s clean) then you can do whatever you want. Just make it clear that if she ever cheats on you that you will leave her immediately and won’t even listen to what she says. Though you need to make sure you have the balls to go through with it because you should never make empty threats.

Do the above and you’ll be safe.

Also I forgot to add: you should always wear a condom even if you’re in a relationship with a girl who was tested for STDs (you went with her as I said above) and she doesn’t cheat. Why? Women often try to get pregnant to tie a man down. One day she’ll decide you make decent enough money so she will “forget” to take her birth control or it will “magically” not work one month and she will be pregnant. Then guess what? You’re fucked. Two choices: tie yourself down with a psychotic woman or pay child support to her until the kid is 18. Always wear a condom and make sure the condom is your own condom to prevent her from poking holes in it. Better to be safe than pay money to some chick who lied to you.

Have you had many bad experiences with women?

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Originally Posted by Sleipner
Have you had many bad experiences with women?

None. It’s just important to use a common sense approach. If you’re doing something extra dangerous like sleeping with 50+ women a year then to be safe you can always take an antiviral in addition to always wearing a condom and no oral sex. HIV and herpes don’t have a cure. Why risk it just because the girl is “trustworthy” (what a joke) or she seems “clean” (haha)? You have to look out for yourself above all others. As I said man if a chick is willing to sleep with you on the same day you meet her then what are the odds she’s already slept with 20+ guys like that? Almost guaranteed. Be safe instead of sorry.

To the record, the statistic says that the young generation from 15 to 24 years old suffer from STD in the majority of cases. One can prevent this disease with the injections against hepatitis B, condom usage, regular health examination. It is really not a joke!


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