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Ball streching


Ball streching

Ive just recently gotten into ball streching because it seems that my sack has gotten much shorter than it was for one reason or another. all i Do now is gently grab the top of the sack and pull down for 30 sec, is there a more effective way?

That will be because of your recent girth increase. At the base of your penis the skin has found no need to stretch as its been able to use up skin from the scrotum. It might be worth looking at trying to stretch the skin on the shaft above the scrotum.

Here’s a good thread about using rings for scrotum stretching and general ball lowering.

Like memento said, the skin on the underside of your penis doesn’t keep up as well as the rest since the scrotum doesn’t provide any signifigant resistance. Some sort of ball stretching routine is necessary to keep the skin there growing. I use the 2” rings and the “sock tuck” described in the ball stretching thread. It definitely provides some tension on the underside skin of my penis, helping it grow.

neither site works for me, Is there another site or a cheap alternitive?

I assume you are referring to the Cyberstud thread ?!? Look later in the thread for the cheap alternatives.

Rubber rings

I use the 1 1/2 inch diameter rubber cock rings to stretch mine. 5 rings equals one inch so you can keep track of progress easily. I wear them for a half hour every night as tight as I can handle, I get a good lig stretch at the same time due to the concentrated v-stretch right at the base of my cock. I just recently got to my 24th ring and have a goal of 30 rings to fit very loosely.



where did you get your rings?

Where to get your rubber O-rings

You can get them for really cheap at any auto parts store that carries them. If none of them near you does, try at your local adult book store or on the INTERNET, they will cost a little more that way though.


I have to go to the auto parts store later anyway. What should I ask for? harness rings?

Probably the thickest o-rings you can find would be best. I think 1.5” diameter rings might be too tight for me, but I haven’t tried them before so they might be perfect.

i tried ball streching once, the next day what felt like the connection between my left ball and my body really hurt, like a sharp pain, took the next 2 days off pe, needless to say didnt strech my balls again.


Shooting for 9"

Just ask someone there for o-rings. The place I went for mine kept them in kits behind the counter.


I’ve noticed when my balls are hanging there lowest

my dick is at it’s biggest does this happen to everone?

I tryed several stores yesterday… walmart, kmart, advanced auto….. non had o-rings


You can also get them at hardware or plumbing stores. I had better luck finding the sizes I was looking for in quantity at auto parts stores. But I’ve also found that most auto parts stores don’t carry stock of o-rings.

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