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Ball is enlarging and contracting on it's own

Ball is enlarging and contracting on it's own

I don’t think this is PE related at all.but I just noticed my right testicle is enlarging and shrinking involuntarily. It does not hurt but gets bigger and then smaller independent of me. I’ve never had this happen to me, but don’t want to over-react. I might see the doctor even though it’s 1 AM here or I’ll just sleep and see in the morning. Might be Hydrocele from what I read but I don’t know.

If it continues for more than a few days, get to the doctors. Always better safe than sorry.

Thanks that’s what I was thinking about doing. Luckily I got some good sleep and the right ball is still moving on it’s own, but much slower now.

When I look at mine on the toilet, mine get larger and smaller too. They just look like they are breathing.

WTF? You sure it’s not your sack contracting and relaxing?

regards, mgus

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My sack is contracting and relaxing every time I take a shit. It has a life of it`s own.

Creamaster muscle raises and lowers the scrotum. But you said your testicle is growing and shrinking. During the arousal stage your testicles get bigger. Perhaps you should see a doctor.

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Time for the doc.

I waited about 3-4 days and it slowly started to stop. Thank you for your advice and your concern.

Somtimes my testicles call me in the morning to make sure I got up for work.

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It’s most likely a blood clot in the muscles that are near the veins to the testi. If it don’t shrink, it will turn into a hernia. It’s called a “slipped hernia” see a doc if it don t go down after 24 hours. Other possible thing is if the vas deferens gets twisted and untwists from within the scrotum area. If yo testis are moving around a lot, could be a blockage of the vas deferens in the scrotum area. Otherwise, it’s a hernia near the pubic bone blocking the vas deferens.

Originally Posted by Nick666
My sack is contracting and relaxing every time I take a shit. It has a life of it`s own.

This is normal and your balls do change size for various reasons.


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