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Bad fish smell in my crotch

Bad fish smell in my crotch

I just noticed this today. Usually any smell down there is usually a musty smell, and I didn’t even sweat that much today, so I don’t think it could be that or my diet. The unfortunate part is that I did date a woman who had that similar smell in her pvssy, and we had sex a couple times (I used a condom). Has anyone else ever had a fish smell on their penis/crotch/etc? And what ended up happening?


It might be bacterial, I have no doubt that cleanliness isn’t an issue for you. It might have been for her and that is where you got this. I’ve suffered with that once or twice in my life time and it was because of a bacterial infection and once on medication I cleared right up.

I would check with the doc just to be safe. It might be a yeast, it might not be, I’d make an appointment to talk it over with the doctor. Do you have any other symptoms or just the odor?

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Well right now it is only the odor, and I hope it stays that way…I’ve never had any STD’s and I hope I never get them. Yeah I’ll definately get out to the doctor when I have free time. Do they do actual tests to determine whether or not its bacterial? And can it clear up without medication over time, or are med’s the only way?

It depends. They can do a swab of the area, or not. They can do a visual and that is usually what they start with and look to see what other signs or symptoms are present; such as redness, flaky skin. Can it go away without medication, probably, but it will go away faster with medication.

I think I would make some free time to go to the doctor.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

That smell will happen from not cleaning enough, especially if your uncut. I assume it is still there after a thorough clean though, if so I’d see a doctor

Yeast infection! Why that girls got more yeast than a donut shop that’s what my deer departed grandmother use to say!

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If I dont wear a condom with my current girlfriend the next day my penis will smell a little fishy, sometimes for even two days. The odd part is she doesn’t smell fishy at all, she might cover a smell with feminine deodorant but I doubt it cause that’s the smell of stripper and I’d recognize that. I don’t know.

Its been a problem since she had a yeast infection over 4 months ago.

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That three day old fish smell is most likely bacterial vaginosis. From the name you can guess where it comes from. She can treat it with a pill since its internal. Go see your doctor, he will probably tell you that for us guys, there is no pill since its external and that you should go and buy a good antibacterial soap and scrub up. If this sounds like the sadder but wiser voice of experience talking that’s because it is.


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