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Bad Circulation


Not sure if anyone mentioned garlic… You can buy capsules and take one a day. I started taking these amongst other supplements and my hands, feet feels warmer and my flaccid hangs heavier.

I want to second Kingpole’s posting. He suggested that you consider that you have a thyroid deficiency. If you are afraid of going to the doctor, which would be your best choice, you can find out if this is a problem by going to a large pharmacy, and buying a BASAL thermometer, (not a fever thermometer which is what you will find on most of the shelves). Take your temperature first thing in the morning, write it down. Take it in the middle of the afternoon and write it down, and take it in the evening and write that down.

If you are in the low 97’s in the morning and do not hit at least 98.0 during the afternoon or evening, then you have a thyroid problem. Then the best thing to do is go see a doctor.

If you are really nervous of doctors, or don’t have insurance, and your temps continue to be low, buy some lugol’s solution (it can be purchased on and put one drop into a glass of water each day. Do that for two weeks, and take your temps again. If no improvement, well, now you have to bite the bullet and go see a doctor. I think that you will notice a big difference when you get your thyroid issue fixed.

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If you smoke then all the advice here is for not. In regard to vitamins, herbs and minerals, knowledge is power. Men typically do not require additional iron supplementation, unless of course you suffer from anemia. If you ever doubt whether or not supplements actually work, try this: Get up on an empty stomach and take 150mg of niacin. Wait approximately 10 minutes and feel the power of supplementation. Don’t freak out though, the effects will only last about 3-5 minutes! Reasearch thoroughly before supplementing, especially with fat soluable items as they can be very toxic when stored over time. Good luck and be safe.

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There are some drugs that increase circulation. The one I have in mind is

Nifedipine . In the UK, I believe it is a prescription drug

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Nicotine can cause bad blood circulation, so if you smoke it could be a factor.

Bad circulation is easily cured when you cut out all shit food such as fast food, soda, microwave food, ect.

Once you start eating healthy, natural herbs such as Ginger, Cayenne, Garlic and other cardiovascular spicy herbs really help to warm the body and keep a good hanging flaccid also helps with cold hands and feet.

Cardio workouts also help.

I agree with everyone who has advised against supplementing. Popping a pill is not going to help. Your body is a whole unit, treat it as such. Check out Ayurvedic medicine, which will put your body and mind in balance. Also, green leafy veggies such as spinach and kale will do wonders for your nutrient levels and blood flow. At the risk of sounding like a diet magazine scanning mother, Omega-3s are a great way to make your body heat/circulation levels rise. I eat 1/4 cup of flax seed irregularly(must be honest.) and also take fish oil with meals in the same fashion and notice that for a few hours afterward I can feel heat radiating off of even my most distant appendages. You may also want to watch your red meat intake, just like a heart attack where plaque cuts off blood flow to a portion of the heart, plaque can also cause blockages to other important areas. In two to three years your body will only be further down the path that you’ve already been. Small steps (think: newbie routine) will be best. Do a Google search for foods that increase blood flow and incorporate the ones you enjoy into your diet three times a week. All of this is coming from experience. When I was a lad I had deficient iron levels and was borderline anemic. All I wanted to do was pop an iron supplement, but my dad just made me a spinach salad two times a week. Since then I have become a vegetarian, eating mostly whole foods. Not only do I feel much better, but other perks like faster healing and better tasting semen(official girlfriend testimony) have made me comfortable with all of my new habits. Please PM if interested in chatting about this topic further.

Sounds like Raynaud symptoms to me.


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