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At what age will a man's sexual health start to go downhill?


At what age will a man's sexual health start to go downhill?

I’m pushing 30. Just wondering at what age will a typical man start to experience age related sexual health decline? I’ve heard you will start to feel it at 35. Is that true?

I started feeling it at 35. I’m 37 now.

Depends on your lifestyle.

It depends on many factors, over all, I experienced it around 38 or so. By 44 or

45 many men experience yet another drop in libido. It seems to come in stages.

What difference did you notice when you hit that first stage?

I am also interested in this. Around what age do you start to lose the strength of your erections, the number of times you can have intercourse in a row? I am 32 and noticing a big difference from when i was 17. At 17 basically i would never lose a hard on all night at 25 notice the hard on to go away but quickly return to have intercourse. At 32 I notice that i completely lose erection after ejaculation and able to have intercourse 3 times after that till my erection will not come back.

Health wise I exercise often (lift weights and do cardio) I do not watch my diet ( i eat anything ) I am a occasional drinker ( weekends ) I smoke (been trying to quit for years now)


Its called the refractory period and as one ages it gets longer. No, at 32 you are not going to be able to go all night like you did at 17. And there is almost nothing you can do about it, its your bodies way of saying, you’re getting older, relax enjoy sex more now.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

My sex drive completely vanished at age 37 after a catastrophic shock to my system caused a sudden illness. If that had not happened I think I would still be going strong today at 40. But I still think it would have gradually dimished over time anyway.

Thats what I was afraid of. Can’t avoid time. Have to find a partner before to much time passes i guess.

I would say 20, our prime is supposed to be 18 and 19

I noticed a reduction around 19-20.

Sex declines after you say I do, and SHE has kids.

At not even 23, I’ve already noticed a decline. I started about 12-13 and gradually inclined until about 17. All downhill from there.

I keep warning the missus that if she doesn’t take advantage of me now, she will regret it at 30-something when she is horny as a fox, worse than I am now, and I can barely be bothered for once a week, like she is now. Now that’s what I call role reversal :D

I felt a decline once I hit 40. I felt I was getting old. In retrospect, it was due to several factors, the main ones being: bad marriage (i.e., no desire, etc.), lack of exercise, and diet. We divorced several years later and I set out to remake myself—to regain much lost self-esteem and to make myself ‘marketable’. I.e., I hadn’t dated in almost 20 years and was definitely feeling out of the loop. To make a long story short, I start hitting the Y almost every day, switched to a highly holistic diet, and—eventually—met the right woman. It’s the combination of all these things that I feel has brought back my libido, with a vengeance. I’m not as hair-triggered as I was in my 20’s, but I certainly feel as sexually ‘strong’ as I did then, with tons of stamina (I can provide references!). Plus, I’m much more relaxed about it, and more experienced. Less focused on orgasm (mine, anyway) and savouring the whole experience, the details, the nuances, the closeness, the passion, the incredible connection between two people in love. The net result is that I’m having the best sex of my life now. Don’t underestimate the power of any these factors, particularly the third. (My gf can get me hard by talking about groceries over the phone :-)

(Now 54, btw.)

As gprent says, it depends on your lifestyle. I eat healthy and get plenty of excercise. I’m a runner and do several races each year. I’ve never experenced any decline and I’m 51.

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