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At what age will a man's sexual health start to go downhill?


Well, F1, that’s where I was in my forties, too. Now in my fifties, I have more libido and stamina than ever. Sorry if this sounds like preaching, but diet and exercise — particularly the former — changed my life. Seriously. If you’ve been neglecting these aspects, I recommend going radical — raw foods, vegetable juice (homemade only!).

So you are saying veggies and fruits only, plustwo? How do you get the bulk of your protein?

And how come there are a lot of meat eaters who don’t have any ED or libido issues? I’m not beating on you, I’m curious.



Originally Posted by RootCap
Sex declines after you say I do, and SHE has kids.

Could not agree more. !!!!!!! might be added after “kids”.


After reading your last post, I want to ask a question. Have you been to a doctor?

Some decline can be expected as we age, both male and female, and if it isn’t the refractory period you are concerned about, but the libido; I would be going to the doctor for a full workup.

I suspect, some type of underlying medical condition that is causing you to lose your overall sex drive. It might be a medication you are on, it might be some other condition that has yet to be diagnosed. Go to the doctor, tell him/her what is going on and ask for a complete workup. Then you may get your answers. I can sense the frustration you feel by the words you write, I also sense you aren’t doing much about it, but letting the frustration simmer under the surface and eventually you are going to blow.

I think, and this is my opinion, that the guys here are saying what I just said, only differently. If the majority of guys here are your age or older and not having problems, its telling you to go see a doctor, that you should not be having these issues. High blood pressure can cause problems, diabetes can cause problems, depression can cause problems, and those are the tip of the ice berg when it comes to sexual dysfunction in men or women.

Now, make that appointment and let us know what you find out.

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Originally Posted by thinktank
Mravg: The quicker you can brush off and put out of your mind any glitch that disturbs you, the better you will be in all future experiences.

Part of my problem is my enjoyment of liquid Cialis. I love taking that stuff, but consequently, I think it has warped my perspective of what a normal erection feels like.
I intentionally try to limit the amount I take, and right now it has been 8 days without it. I had sex this morning, no problem, but without the C, it is not like having an unbendable steel pole between my legs. I notice that I have to find a rhythm that keeps me stimulated, rather than jabbing my dick at whatever speed I choose. When I say I wasn’t happy with my erection quality, I found that it was going down to 80% erect and I would have to change my pace to restimulate myself. I see in porn that even the porn guys are less than 100% erect in many scenes, so maybe it is no big deal, but I think it bothers me because I don’t remember having that feeling in the past. A full, “high pressure” erection feels great, and sometimes 90% feels like 0% to me. I have to look down to show myself that I am erect, and I think it is the Cialis that got me addicted to that high pressure feeling.
So right now I am enjoying liquid C once per week or so, which actually effects me for maybe 3-4 mornings of sex, and then going natural for the rest of the week. I think this is ok, since using the C is actually supposed help erectile health, but I know it might cause some problems with my attitude when I’m not on it.

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Originally Posted by avocet8
So you are saying veggies and fruits only, plustwo? How do you get the bulk of your protein?

And how come there are a lot of meat eaters who don’t have any ED or libido issues? I’m not beating on you, I’m curious.

I don’t have explanations for anyone else, just me :-) The key is to find a routine that suits your metabolism.

Most people don’t realise how much protein is contained in fruits and vegetables, and most people get more than enough protein, i.e., more than they need. I’m not a vegetarian, i.e., I do eat eggs and fish. But I avoid dairy, meat, sugar, and grain products most of the time. These things clog you up and slow you down. I’m suggesting raw f & v mainly as a cleansing step, in this particular case, although they should always provide the bulk of your nutrition. For a long time (over a two years), I practically existed on veg. juice (get a good juicer!) and smoothies (fruits, nuts, eggs). Lost a pile of weight and gained energy and ‘focus’. I then eased back inot a more ‘normal’ diet.

What you don’t eat is just as important as what you do. You can’t just add a salad to your order of burger and fries :-) Meat, in general, takes a lot of energy to digest, and thus has an impact on your lifestyle (incl sex) and slows the recovery process.

I’m not against meat, per se. I will eat organic fowl, when I can get it. Red meat just doesn’t agree with my digestion, although I recognise that it contains significant nutrients. I recommend browsing the Dr. Mercola web site ( for the best information available. He’s by no means anti-meat :-) Another favourite is Dr. Al Sears —, in particular for exercise and “men’s issues”.

I can’t disagree at all with what you’re saying, plus two.

I keep myself at a pretty healthy weight for my height - 6’0’ - and thought that 185 was a nice place to be. However when my partner decided he wanted to drop some lbs months ago “we” went on a nutritional change, because I do the cooking. All we did was substitute chicken and fish for a lot of the red meat we had been eating, increased salads and fruits, dropped potatoes and some other starches. He lost 20 lbs. I lost 11, going down to what I weighed when I graduated from college eons ago, settling in at 174-5 lbs. At first I did not feel “normal,” even “right” at that weight but now I like it very much. I often think of the title of that art movie, The Incredible Lightness of Being. More energy, etc.. The really interesting aspect of this change to us is that neither of us now has much appetite for red meat whereas we ate a lot of it before.

As for age and sex going downhill: Important, I think, to figure out first if it is really going downhill or if one is just in one of those periodic slumps we all go through. If you decide it is really going downhill, that is the time to take stock and do something. Don’t wait to get that annual physical (the one you haven’t had for 5 years) or to talk with your doctor or urologist about the ED that is creeping up on you or your flagging libido, if it is flagging. Waiting resolves nothing and only makes the problems worse. We’ve talked a lot here about performance anxiety. Awful thing to allow to become established when it need not.



Originally Posted by sunshinekid

After reading your last post, I want to ask a question. Have you been to a doctor?

Yes, I’ve been to six different doctors. None of them can find anything wrong with me which is leading to this utter feeling of desperation and dissapointment.

I believe that physiologically speaking , it is downhill after eighteen for us male humans .

Now there are certainly a lot of variables from individual to individual , and some may mature later , some may having earlier declines in free circulating testosterone than others , but in general , after we can vote , it is a slow , steady decline .

You can stave of the ravages of time with proper and healthy diet , lifestyle , and supplements , and then , of course , we have the wonderful world of pharmaceuticals to aid and abet our sorid states of physical decrepitude , thank God for Cialis and Viagra !

So , to summarize , in the words of my favorite Realtor , ” get a lot while you are young ! ” .


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