arteria pudendi

I have read a thread about erection, and in simply words is:

Erection is an event which involves the nervous system and some local factors.
All is caused by the relaxement of the arteries of A. Pudenda area
and of the muscular cells of corpus cavernosum.

You know the rest…

I want to post one pic useful for understanding
where is the arteria pudendi. You can see very easy.

Now my study will be:
1/ can I relax this arteria, or area only with the force of my will?
I think is possible to do a thing like this.
Your opinion? Any of you can try and give your point of view?
Like relaxing a muscle….Possible or not?

I have an idea: I have found that when I have a
sexual feeling, I feel some in this area relaxing
and like a flow of blood. Even talking to my girl
causes me that, and usually I find me a little excited.

I have tried to relax the area from time in time
during the day, and it seems nice.
I feel more relaxed, and I feel more sexual…

I have tried also to “touch” me relaxing the area.
I have been able to last an hour or like that.

Ok, I know like usual I seem like a mad people…
I am trying to find if I can use better my body.
Only this.
You know, before to discover pc, I didn’t use that
Now I see the difference!
You know that kind of gym is useful for sex.
More lasting and more control….

Now I am trying to find also a mental
technique to be more in control of the body.
I think we men have a great correspondence
between our mind and our penis.
That is true or not?

Maybe I am wrong, and this is not possible.
Maybe is possible, instead…

Anyway if you want give me an opinion.

Sorry as usual for my English.
Particularly to the moderators of the forum.
I try to do my best for writing correctly..

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