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Are you supposed to shave against the grain or with it?


I have been doing a little reading up on the subject of hair removal on because I want to get rid of the stubble after shaving my shaft and base. Well I don’t think there is anything out there I want to try ( electrolysis , lasers, wax) I am sticking with shaving but will try it against the grain after I get a good supply of Tend Skin lotion. This stuff is supposed to practically eliminate razor bumps and ingrown hairs. I think this product is a must for shaving against the grain especially until the skin is conditioned enough. Get some.

With the grain.

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My skin is pretty sensitive to that sort of shit. Against the grain results in massive rash, ingrown hairs, pimples all over the shop.Even with the grain itches like mad alot of the time.

My solution - Keep a well trimmed beard all over.


When you first start shaving, you must cut the hairs as short as possible. No matter whether you use a razor, a regular electric razor, or a wet/dry rechargeable razor. Cutting the hairs as short as possible must be done. When I need to do that (which is almost never now) I do it with my Oster Hair Trimmer, using the shortest cutting comb attachment (or beard trimmer). This leaves the hairs about 1/8” in length, or shorter. Yes, preparation is very important
It is also important to prepare by either a warm-up in the shower, or use a hot towel to steam the hairs soft. Then you need to use a good lather.

You WILL cut yourself occasionally when you first start shaving. That is to be expected until you get “conditioned” (yes, just like PEing), or become experienced in doing it.

When I do need to shave with a razor, then I do both, “with the grain” and “against the grain.” It depends on the hairs, where they are, how they grow, etc. It is just like your face. Some facial hairs you need to do with the grain, others against the grain, and sometimes you do both. You will learn. One thing that I have found, is that when shaving under the nutsack, it is best for me to shave against the grain (shaving against the grain from about mid nutsack towards the ass). That is just the way my hair grows and if I do it with the grain nothing gets shaved and sometimes I cut the scrotum “divider” in that area.

I don’t use a razor very often since after my shower, I lather up and use my wet/dry shaver in the shower almost every day. When I need to use the razor, it’s a Mach3.

I hope this helps, however, I really do believe that everyone is different and you will just have to discover the best way for you. GOOD LUCK.

Now, roctober

Unless you want to cut ALL your pubes off, then you can use one of the hair or beard trimmer combs on a hair trimmer (see about Oster above) and cut it to a manageable length of about 1/4” to 1/2”. But cut it all off at the base of your shaft (and up the shaft is there is hair there also) so it will not get in your way while doing jelqs. That’s what I do.

It you have a problem seeing, try using a large mirror. If you use one of the trimmer combs, it will only cut to a certain length. If you want to cut it all off, then cut it as short as you can with the trimmer and then slowly use a wet/dry razor, or regular (I suggest a Mach3) by looking in the mirror. Take it very slowly. I hope this helps. Good Luck

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Originally Posted by vkn1
You are technically never supposed to shave against grain even on face. However, I always shave against grain because (a) it has never done anything bad (b) it is the only way to not have stubble

I always shave against the grain on my face, and never had many problems over the years other than an occassional nick. Pubic shaving, I’d have to recommend going with the grain for a while before trying against.

Has anyone tried cutting weeds . It seems that all you do is strengthen the root system, where as if you pull the weeds out as they break through the surface ,eventually they stop growing. The same goes for hair. I have been plucking for about 6 years ,and now have almost no hair on or near my genital area and my chest. The first time plucking may hurt a bit but as time goes by there is no pain at all. Get your g/f or wife envolved in the project an you can have some great times together. Even a visit to a massage parlor can be interesting when you hand her [or him ] the twezsers and ask for a pluck.


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