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Anyone using PT-141?


Do you need a prescription?

Ultimate Goal is 8" NBPEL x 6" EG

Spring 2009 measurement is 7.25" BPEL x 5.85" EG

I reconstituted with saline 0.9% water. Injected with insulin syringe. It was painless. I used saline instead of BW because I had some bruises in the past from BW reconstituted HGH, don’t know for sure if it was the BW that caused the red itchy and incredibly painful welts or the HGH itself, but I didn’t want to try it again with the PT-141.

Last night, at around 10 PM, was still starting to get erections when any sexually related thought came into mind.

Does anybody know where can I buy quality PT-141 nasal spray in Europe?

Which is better, the Melanotan II or PT-141? Does anybody know any source in Europe? The Great White Peptides does ship to Europe but the shipping cost is 55$.

My wife and I use Melanotan II occasionally (usually at the start of the summer season to build up our tan fast without over exposure to the sun). I’ve also tried one vial of PT-141. The effects are the same for me minus the tanning aspect in MT2. Don’t use the nasal spray, it will cost you twice or more and is extremely diluted. Essentially, you won’t get any results from it. The amount you have to inject (into fat, not the bloodstream) is tiny. Using insulin needles you can barely feel it, if at all.

When I’m using MT2, I usually take a shot every 3rd night for a week or 2. You can do more, but when I did, my tan accelerated so fast I wasn’t able to control my final darkness as well. During the entire time, I’m dealing with the side effect of “spontaneous erections” most of the time. The great part is that they’re caused by the nervous system, not the vascular system, so you don’t have the hardness pains you may get with drugs like Viagra (I’ve tried it a couple times for fun and all it does is make me feel like crap; headaches, etc). As many have mentioned, both will raise your heartbeat slightly. That can be good or bad depending on your physical health. That alone will help you burn more calories and is part of the “weight loss” side effect. If you aren’t in proper health though, it could be a reason to avoid them.

We’ve been using these for 2 years now and when we’re on them, we’re a couple of crazy horny people. We haven’t had a single sunburn either. Our exposure to the sun has been greatly limited saving our skin from damage, yet we get the tan we really want. For us, there’s no reason to get PT141 since it’s more expensive and we like the tanning aspect. I’ve heard that if you do take enough PT141 you will get some of the tanning effects as well since it was formulized from MT2.

I’ve been curious though if using one of these would help with PE in any way since the blood flow is increased so much during the day, though I doubt I’ll be on either anytime soon at this point (already rocking a great tan).

Being a noobie here I couldn’t create a new thread, figured this would be the perfect thread to start posting in.

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I am male 26, decent health (slender build, not much in terms of muscles). With my sexual practices I am able to create good arousal without drugs (but I do like my Horny Goat Weed), but I’ve become more interested in supplements and chemicals just for the fun of it / experience / potential learning about my body. I ordered PT-141 because of all the raving reviews. Before it arrived I built up a natural state of arousal with lots of edging. When it came, I dosed 1mg at 7pm from a 10mg pt-141 bottle (reconstituted with 1ml bacteriostatic water) like in the video. I may have experienced the side effect of burning/redness in face, but it was very minimal. I expected to feel nauseous or other uncomfortable signs that the drug is doing something. As a matter of fact I would not mind bad side effects just to know it’s working at this point! Anyway, so 12 hours later I hadn’t experienced anything so I dosed again 2mg at 8am, it is now 11:30am, 3.5 hours later or total of 15.5 hours and 3mg of pt-141 which I believe is plenty of time and also probably a high dosage. But I’m just not experiencing anything, not even any side effects!

I’ve never injected, this is my first time, could my injection technique be that bad? Syringe needle length I used is I think 6 or 8mm, on the short side. First time I injected I went in at an angle near belly button (pinched skin), second time I went straight in (a tiny drop of blood followed when I did that, probably not the best injection technique). My experience has been pretty uneventful!

What should I do? Maybe my pt-141 was bad?

Where did you buy your pt-141 from?

Often, pt-141 is purchased from research chemical/peptide websites. These sites are not regulated by the FDA, as the products are supposed to be for research purposes and not for human consumption. Generally, the government does not scrutinize, unless some of the research chemicals are knock-offs of drugs of abuse like meth or morphine.

Therefore, the quality of some research chemicals sold can vary.

I also wonder if some peptides, like pt-141, can degrade when the packaged vials spend much time in the heat during delivery.

At any rate, you might consider buying from another site, just in case you happened to buy from a bad batch.

I have had good effect from 2 different vials ordered separately from blue sky peptides. When you go to the site, there seems to always be a sale ranging from 20 to 40% off. Plus free shipping if total order is I think like $50.

I have been troubled with boners that aren’t reliable when I would like to be sexual, even with cialis/viagra. So with pt-141, the erections are waaaayyyy better. So that enhances confidence, and thus, indirectly, libido for me. In other words, the libido enhancement is subtle are really just the result of great erection control, for me.

Definitely a MUST TRY!!!

7.6 x 5.4 (goal by April 1, 2016)

Hey guys are you using this Melanotan ll and PT-141 or Vaigra after Dr check you up and suggests it it just by your own.

I am so much looking farward to go to Dr but It’s hard for me for the moment. As soon as possible I’ll go to Dr to check up!

It’s been a years since I have lost my natural 100%sustainable erecting. Then 6months ago I startedPE and the 1st month of PE my dick was getting healthier and better errections but then again as befor. I did PE for about 4,5months and have got much gains but in the last month of my PE I lost of lost my girth and then I left myPE because of not good errections and loose of girth and to rest. I’m still feeling better with the gains but worried for my errections more now since I have knew about vinous leakage. I read the simpthems are matching mine. I realy wish and pray that My problem is curable and is not venous leakage or any other dangerous one!!

I get errections but my glans does not get bigger and get soften a little. Also I loose my errections within a moment if I leave it without touch. 
I have I will be healed. I’m so worried and sad and this stressing me!

I pray and wish luck to all those out there who are suffring from ED.

Is my Erect ion problem matching anyone or any comments about it??

I’m curious about proper handling of PT-141. Before dissolving it in water, one place said the powder is fine at room temperature, and another said it had to be refrigerated. Which is right?

After dissolving it in water, several places said it could be stored for up to 90 days if it is kept refrigerated below 36 degrees F. My refrigerator doesn’t get that cold. 38-40 degrees F, but not down to 36. Can it be frozen?

Live long and prosper.


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