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Anyone take Provigil? Does it cause PE?

Anyone take Provigil? Does it cause PE?

Hey guys,

Has anyone here taken Provigil, a drug that is given to people with fatigue related disorders (narcolepsy, fibromyalgia and even people with severe jet lag). It is supposed to basically keep you awake, or at least allow you to be more awake than before and eliminate “mind fog”. Its not an amphetamine exactly, nor does it work the same way that antidepressents can. In any case, I’m a little nervous thinking it may cause premature ejaculation and whatnot.

Anyone have anything enlightening? I know its a somewhat obscure and new drug.

Xaeos, I’ve been on it for about 3 months as an adjunct? to my antidepressant, Wellbutrin. I have had no noticeable , sexual side effects, desirable or undesirable. My psych doc says it seems to have an “off label”, (acknowledged but now officially approved), use in treating some depressions. It has helped my mood, focus, but only a bit with energy/wakefulness with no apparent side effects, other than a slight headache for the first two days and making me very sensitive to alcohol. One beer is like 3 or 4 were before. I was concerned about possible “addictive properties”, so I stopped for about a week and just felt like I did before I started it, but no cravings, went back on and my focus and mood improved again. It may be a poor analogy, but is a diabetic addicted to insulin?

Ahh, glad to see it doesn’t have anything outragous. Out of curiousity, have you ever taken Viagra or Cialis while using it? I know there are no counterindications or documented issues between the two of them on a serious medical level, but I’d like to hear from someone who has actually tried it.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome, so i’ve been taking V and C when needed to help keep the penis awake :)

I wish I had some viagra or cialis to try “recreationally”. Trouble is my wife and I share the same primary car doc. and he “knows” I don’t have ED and he REFUSES to prescribe for recreational purposes. I should look into the internet one.

Ah, I see your plight. Try getting a refferral to a urologist instead. Primary care are usually much more strict about giving out V/C. Well I tried it personally last night and there doesn’t seem to be any problems. Both V and C give me a headache (V a few hours after, C the next day) but aside from that there don’t seem to be any symptoms, and certainly nothing worse on provigil.

On the downside, I didn’t feel any different/more awake physically, but maybe it takes a few days for Provigil to kick in, or perhaps my brain chem is just different.

My experience with provigil was different, my doc started me out on a low dose to see if there was any problem and then slowly increased the dose each week. I felt it kick in the first day in about an hour, sort of like several cups of coffee but not quite the same, less “jitters”. The prescribing info and the doc said it works short term, one day, or over long term. I had some concern over really long term use, but as I said before I seem to have no problems. Your mileage may vary, each of us is different, and this is a relatively new drug. What is your dose?

Whew, okay I’ve taken it for half a week or so now and its major side effect is the “jittery” feeling you talk about. I’m taking 100mg, once a day early in the morning. I feel if i try to relax/not move and breathe deeply that “something is wrong”, like some tension in my chest and if I move it goes away. Also it causes horrible bad dreams, which I figured out is a documented side effect. This is probably made worse by the fact that I don’t remember/don’t have good dreams! These seem to happen if I try to take a nap during the day and can fight off the twitchy feeling, but happen less if I go to bed late. However, there may be a marginal gain in staying awake but I don’t feel better or more focused while I am.

Provigil is a cool new drug but hella-expensive without a scrip. It is similar in structure and function to Adrafinil which you can buy online from europe for alot cheaper. It is pretty cool. Helps you stay focused but does not give you an edge. You can fall asleep on it. However, everyone reacts to drugs differently.

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The primary negative side effects of Provigil are: headache, nausea, rhinitis, and nervousness.

Far down on the list is abnormal ejaculation, about 1 percent of users. But you just may be one of them if you never had PE before using this drug.



Ok my doc believes that I’m not taking a high enough dosage. If changing the dose doesn’t work, then certainly its just the way my (sick) body is reacting to the drug. I hear its great recreationally , like for those who work 14 hour days. There was a good article in the readers digest about it.

Its a pity most of these great drugs don’t work for me - just a side effect of my condition I guess.

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