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Anyone here have HPV?


It really doesn’t look like HPV, but more like a light infection of the hair follicle. HPV would not be red, would not be multiple lesions, and would probably not appear straight away (if I get the timing right).

Also, HPV is very common, and can not really be prevented except for careful selection of partners. The only vaccine available is for women and it covers some of the strains of virus, but not all. This means it gives protection from some of the most dangerous ones but she may still get it.

Lysine.. I don’t see how an amino-acid can help or impede a viral infection.

My advice: if you are really worried or other signs/symptoms develop, go see a doctor. If not, try not shaving a while, clean the area with warm water and soap (but not too much to irritate) and it should be clear in a few days if it is a simple infection.

Hey thank you all for your support. It helped me going to the doctor that most people didn’t think it was an STD/STI. Anyway, I just went to the doctor today (damn those deductibles…GRRR!), and yeah he said that he thinks that it was/is a fungal infection, and he also had my blood/urine tests and I was negative on pretty much everything (he said herpes/HPV can’t be tested that way). I do wish he spent a little more time looking at it, but i’m relieved that I most likely don’t have anything. He prescribed me Clotrimazole Cream, which the pharm. actually told me, is OTC, and on reading it, it says that it treats Athletes foot and Jock Itch. Oh well, at least I have a clear mind now. I’ve definately been shooken up, and I will take sex a lot more seriously now. Nothing is worth having something your entire life.

Oh and by the way, that HPV vaccine for girls…I want that mother fucker LOL. I think it’ll soon be available to men, and even now, some high risk men (i.e. homosexual) specifically ask for Gardisil and actually get it. I wanna get it before I get anything damnit!

I too have heard they are developing one for guys right now. However I’m not sure that males can use this current vaccine safely because it has not been tested on them. Also, the worst thing it HPV does to guys is genital warts that go away with time or very minor surgery (think cutting it off with laser, or freezing it). But they are developing it anyway because of the risk they carry of passing it on to women. And it is currently being investigated in causing cancer of the vocal cords in men after performing oral sex (no need to worry though, it seems the odds are very very low and this type of cancer can be detected and treated very very soon and has a very very low mortality).

And safe sex is a funny thing: while most people are afraid to get HIV, the actual risk of getting it are a lot lower than other very serious infections, like hepatitis, both in number of people currently carrying the virus and in the infectiousness of it.

Glad to hear it all turned out to be ok. Be patient now, fungi take a long time to go away, so be persistent. I had something on my thigh that had to be creamed up for over a month.


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