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Any uncut guys here find that condoms....


Condoms are a mood killer and as I am uncut I find I am sometimes fucking the condom due to all the loose penile skin.

They do reduce the sensation, which maybe a good thing if your 18 years old!

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I’m uncut too. I could never figure out how they were supposed to be put on. I even tried pulling back my skin and rolling it on.didn’t work out too well. Anyways, I’ve gotten used to it now. And even though I don’t have sex my gf likes me having it on so it saves on the cleanup and she doesn’t have to always wash the sheets.

Condoms don’t bother me because I think of the problems it solves e.g. kids and std’s. They help with my premature ejaculation too so it can be a good thing.

Plus I would love for a regular condom to feel tight on me one day - I am 4.5 girth right now and regular ones slip off me when in motion.

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Originally Posted by kungfumaster
My fiance doesn’t like them either, says a naked cock feels much better inside her, I’d be interested if other women have expressed similar things to their partners.

My ex said the same thing, she said with a condom on it doesn’t feel as good.


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