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Any possibilities to increase penile sensitivity?


Originally posted by RisingUpTo7
No i dont maybe….each day one time………
luvadus, do you know what i can do apart from masturbating less?

Each day shit bro you need to cut down, maybe to two times a week and see if that helps.

I know its hard sometimes not to be a wanker as we are all good at it lol.

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Originally posted by wadzilla
Hmmm…..I wank about 10-12 times per week; some weeks less, some weeks more - but that's a huge reduction since my youth. From 13-15, probably between 30-40 times per week (cranking 8 in one day several times). From 16-20, probably about 20-30 per week. Through my 20's about 15-20 per week….so, I'm doing good now. Hopefully, in my 40's (if I have any jizz left), I'll be down to single digits weekly. :)
But I've never experienced any loss of sensitivity.
Don't know why he did.

You are one hell of a wanker bro, you must hold a world record LOL.

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Shooting for 8 x 7 NBPEL

Sensitivity I got in spades —- besides lotions and condoms treated with the stuff, what is the “cure” for over-sensitivity.

I admit that alot of it is between my ears - I like sex with my wife - and get it so rarely that I overanticipate it. However, lotions are messy and we don’t always use condoms (sometimes those “loaded” ones make me las too long and it irritates her) … suggestions???

And YES - you may have some of MY sensitivity, too.


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Hm i looked again…..
at some areas my penis seems (when i stretch it out and go with my fingertips over it) to be much more number that on other areas.

This could be a hint for a nerves problem.
But it seems that nothing can be done to regain sensitivity you once lost :(

I use lotion very often (2 or 3 times a day)

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Originally Posted by smkan2
This thing (or things) work real well. It’s basically like a replacement foreskin without some benefits, but now that i’ve started i can’t stop. Just doesnt feel comfortable without it. but yeah, it upped my sensitivity a good deal. check it out

url removed had links to porn

I know this is an old thread but I’m working on getting more sensitivity in my penis. I’m cut so I was wondering if there is a product like what smkan2 is talking about. Like a sleeve you can put on your penis.

Yeah what about some sensitivity regaining exercises


I can assure you that when I started hormone placement with 10g of Androgel per day, my penile sensitivity and orgasm intensity went sky high. It feels like it did when I was 14 or 15. Mind blowing, eye crossing, whole body, muscle quivering, electrical orgasms preceded by unbelievably wonderful penile sensitivity that savors every warm slippery irregularity in the vaginal wall. Is it getting hot in here? Whew! Anyway My problem was low T. Now that Testosterone levels are right, sex is a wonderful new experience. MXL

Originally Posted by tacojoe
I know this is an old thread but I’m working on getting more sensitivity in my penis. I’m cut so I was wondering if there is a product like what smkan2 is talking about. Like a sleeve you can put on your penis.

Keep your inner foreskin retained over your glans using a silicone baby-bottle nipple. You can use medical tape to make sure it says on, if you like. Hopefully you have enough loose skin to keep it on at night. In a month or two you should notice a big difference. Look into foreskin restoration as well.

The best advice for sensitivity would be to do balooning. Balooning in a sense you masturbate just by rubbing the lowest areas of your weener at the base, then when you’re on the point of no return - PONR you try to stimulate yourself to have as much as blood as possible in your penis. You’ll get alot of blood and pressure in your dick and it causes somehow the nerves to be more sensitive + you don’t stimulate the upper nerves which are the biggest player in blowjob and penetration feelings. It takes some time to get a grip at the technique but it’ll do exactly what you want. Also masturbating once a day is not good for retaining the sensitivity back - but if you really want sensitivity I recommend to have 2 masturbation sessions without porn (in one day) every 3-4 days (you would also probably have to cut some sex too). After you regain your sensitivity it might be good to do maybe balooning forever. It’s really the sh*t!!!

I started balooning while my gf was in US during the summer and when she returned I coudln’t believe how a blowjob or bareback penetration felt good. OMG I was in total heaven. If I wanted I could have been done in like 5 seconds and I even started moaning. But the more we had sex the less sensitive I was so I again started balooning once in a while between the days we’re together and it keeps me quite sensitive. I felt the imidiate change even through a condom.

Not touching the important nevers on dick so much, not using porn (heck I don’t even use imagination.. i just concentrate on the stimulation feeling) will help your sensitivity alot. Believe this or burn in hell :D


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